{Best 4}Toro Snow Blower Reviews

When looking for a snow blower, one of the questions that cross your mind is the kind of model you should choose. Toro is one of the well-known brands that has been in the market for quite a while.

It is popular in manufacturing reliable models with amazing qualities that deliver on any type of snow ground. In the following article of Toro snow blower reviews, we’ll take a look at top different models that are manufactured by Toro Brand, going deeper to the features that makes them to stand out.

Toro Snow Blower Reviews (Top 4 in 2020)

1. Toro Snwthrwr 21” 212cc

If you’re looking for a great Toro model, the Toro snwthrwr 212cc is a great choice. This machine runs well of flat as well as sloppy driveways without any problem.

What we love about this machine is the strong 212cc OHV engine which makes it to have a high-clearing performance.  The strong engine also means a powerful throwing power as far as 35-feet away from walkways. The good thing is that you control the throwing power by regulating the forward speed.

It can start out by pulling a cord or by using the electric starter which is more reliable for easy starts in brutal snow conditions when pulling a cord may not start the engine.

Clearing thick and compacted snow is also easy as this unit encompass a power curve system which increases its productivity on hard snow grounds. Plus, you can easily control how deep to remove snow.

Although the Toro Snow thrower is a single-stage blower, it’s clearing width is really efficient for small and medium driveways. It is compact and easy to store as a result of its light weight.


  • Easy to start 
  • You can control the clearing depth


  • May not be good for heavy snow

2. Toro Power Clear 518 ZE Snow Blower

If you have been using a shovel to clear snow in your small driveways, then I know how it feels. To reduce the amount spent, the Toro Power Clear 518 ZE is a perfect choice to buy for small walkways and driveways.

The single-stage gas snow blower is designed with a working width of 18-inches. It is powerful, so it is able to clear out fast with less effort. There’s also a strong auger that’s 7-inches to remove out hard and thick snow without having a problem.

Its throwing power is also surprising thanks to the zip deflector that lets you throw the snow at adjustable angles. The good thing is that you can regulate snow throwing power by adjusting the forward speed the way you want.

Amazingly, this brand is made with an electric start which makes starting out the machine very simple and fast even in cold places with heavy snowfalls.


  • Electric start is reliable
  • Strong auger for compacted snow


  • Ideal for small driveways

3. Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE Gas Snow Blower

This is one of the widest models by Toro Brand. It measures 24-inches on working width which makes it ideal for moderate and large driveways.

Putting together the few separate parts is simple by going through the instructions that are straightforward.  After assembly, it starts quickly and easily in terrible cold places as a result of the electric start, but you can equally pull the cord if the weather is warm.

Unlike the single-stage versions that are slow and difficult to maneuver, this one will require little effort to clear up a big driveway in half-time. The powerful engine lets you throw snow as far as 30-feet away from driveways if the snow is compacted and up to 50-feet it it’s dry.

The best part is how it clears wet snow that is as thick as 6-inches outperforming most models in stage-two. And by adjusting the chute, you can discharge snow on any driveway direction and at any speed by regulating the forward moving speed.

The entire machine is light, plus, it clears superbly well even on compacted snow and without losing traction of wet snowfalls.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Clearing width is wide


  • Pricey

4. Toro 38381 Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

Powered by a 15amp motor, the Toro 1800 is strong to remove snow as deep as 12-inches on a path of 18-inches in one pass within the shortest time. On average, it can remove a mass of 700-pounds per minute in decks, patios, small driveways among other residential places.

As you clear up the snow, you’ll love the zip deflector that lets you throw at a high or lower speed depending on how you want. You can even discharge at any side thanks to the 160-degree chute that lets you switch to any throwing direction as you please.

The comfort of this model is excellent since the handle is ergonomic to make controlling the machine a lot easier. It’s easy to control and all beginners will find it simple to start on and clear the snow continuously as the cord lock system lets you work without the anxiety of power interruption.

Surprisingly, this model does not clog on bogged and wet snows that build up at some sections. What make this possible are the 6-inch wheels that increases traction on the slippery ground.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable chute
  • Assembling is simple


  • Good for small driveways

Considerations When Looking for Toro Snow Blower

  • Size of the Blower

One important consideration when shopping for a snow blower is the size of the clear width. What you need to do is to measure your driveway taking into consideration the presence of obstacles such as patios and trees.

The wider the work width, the more you’ll be able a handle a wider area in less time. Small models usually have a cut width of less than 18-inches. Make sure you have enough storage space to safeguard the machine on summer season when it will not be in use to prolong its working life.

  • Amount of Snow to Clear

The amount of snow to clear as well as intensity of use should guide you on the kind of model to choose. For example, you do not need an extremely powerful model if you will not be using the machine occasionally. You also do not require a heavy machine if the snow to be cleared is light.

For thick snow, you will definitely need a powerful model which is as strong as 208cc and above so that there is plenty power to discharge the snow away. You’ll also need a strong model for commercial clearing business.

  • Single-Stage Vs Two-Stage Snow Blower

Single-Stage models are suitable for homeowners who want to clear light snow on small driveways. It is lightweight and does a great job than shoveling. Two-Stage Snow Blower on the other hand is perfect for homeowners as well as professionals who want to clear intensive snow in vast areas.

Wrap Up

When choosing a snow blower by Toro, make sure you understand your needs, such as the amount of snow to clear, the terrain and much more; since this is what should determine the kind of model you should pick.

Fortunately, having gone through our Toro snow blower reviews, you should be able to identify the best model for your backyard. By choosing the right model, you’ll no longer have to struggle when it’s winter. Besides, you’ll always be ready for what winter season throws at you.

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