Top 5 Best Winter Boots for Hiking (2020 Reviews)

If you reside in a pretty cold state like Minnesota, a snowy place, or you just want to go out on a natural adventure in a cold place like North Illinois when it’s winter; you’ll definitely need a comfy pair of hiking boots.

The best winter boots for hiking will shield your feet from the cold conditions, rugged or icy surface, and other terrain types in all your outdoor travelling. You’ll also feel comfortable even after a long hiking day since the boots are made to be incredibly light.

Best Winter Boots for Hiking in 2020

1. Salomon Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Salomon Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot is our top choice for snow shoeing, mountaineering and general outdoor use. The full grain leather footwear is pretty sturdy with a 7-inch shaft for ankle support.

One outstanding feature is the molded heel pad for snowshoe protection and the gaiter hook to simplify your mission on deeper snow. Plus, the sole traction is incredibly great for icy and slippery grounds.

The boots are 100% waterproof, plus you’ll be totally warm even on a rainy day or freezing weather; thanks to the thinsulate insulation for cold and snowy conditions. In fact, it is possible to sweat if the temperature is above freezing, but the breathable feature will cool your feet from excessive sweating.

It is flexible and perfectly angled for a wide range of outdoor travel such as trail running, adventure racing and much more. They are not bulky for extensive hiking.


  • Sturdy leather
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight boots


  • Great for men

2. Columbia Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

When going out for hiking in a cold place like Iceland, you’ll need a comfortable pair of hiking boots. The Columbia Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot will help you move through cold and snowy surfaces; and your feet will remain warm and dry all through the hiking.

The boots are 100% leather upper for a lasting durability. Better still, they are cushioned on the inside with a fantastic insulation and a snug support around the ankles.

No water will penetrate your feet even after splashing through the puddles since the boots are made with a waterproof lining. Not to mention that the boots are pretty roomy so there’s plenty of space for thicker socks for further comfort.

The traction of these boots is excellent to hold your feet pretty well on every pavement. They are incredibly lightweight so it is possible to trek for up to 10-hours nonstop without feeling worn out. Plus, they fit superbly well so you’ll have no issues such as blisters after the long day.  


  • Lightweight
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Excellent grip


  • Shaft not high enough

3. Keen Women’s Hiking Boot

KEEN is a popular brand in the manufacturing of quality boots for the several years. The Keen Women’s Hiking Boot is a waterproof footgear made with synthetic and 100% leather upper for long life.

What stands out about the boot is the insulator system that holds warm air for all day comfort in winter months. The footbed is cushioned as well with a compressed molded and padded midsole to absorb shock when you’re trekking.

The outsole is made with a dual compound and ice technology to hold your feet tightly when you’re skiing. It is roomy to wear with socks and still have a lot of space to wiggle your toes.

The boot is made with a breathable membrane to enhance breathability on a warm day. They are comfy with adequate ankle support without exerting a lot of stiffness on your ankles.

They’re lightweight with excellent rubber toes to cushion your feet from sudden impact. It’s lace-up design is also convenient with metal hardware for a lasting use.


  • Super quality
  • Breathable membrane to cool your feet
  • Padded midsole for comfort


  • Wide to women with medium feet

4. Danner Men’s Mountain Hiking Boot

With Danner Men’s Mountain Hiking Boot, hiking on mountains should be pretty simple. Constructed to last for several years, the boot is a blend of full grain leather and suede upper.

The best part is the waterproof feature so you can hike on wet, muddy and snowy surfaces and still have your feet dry. You can climb a mountain terrain, cross a rocky or wet floor fearlessly since the outsole grip is engineered to deliver on every surface.

The midsole is a co-polymer blend of EVA and natural rubber to increase resiliency and cushioning while reducing on total weight. It is engineered to deliver flexibility and comfort when you’re moving.

You’ll love the excellent ankle support and the comfy footbed. Not to mention they’re feather light with adequate ventilation for summer hiking.

We love the TPU heel frame that enhances stability and support when you’re mountaineering as well as the wider footbed which is great for wider feet.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent grip
  • Waterproof protection


  • Laces not favorite to some users

5. Merrell Women’s Snow Boot

One thing we love about the boots is the impermeable membrane that seals out water and moisture away. Constructed with waterproof PU leather, you can walk on snow all day and still have the feet dry.

Ankle support unbelievably great to help you maintain your stability without stiffing the ankles. They are comfortable and your feet will feel great even after hiking for 10-miles.

They’re comfy to keep the feet warm and let you go through the snowy surface with no discomfort. Traction is also great and you won’t feel like slipping whether you’re walking on slippery or dry ground.

They’re lightweight with low bulk insulation to keep your feet comfy. You’ll certainly love their great look, plus, there are lot of sizes for custom fit with larger versions for men with wider feet.



  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Great look


  • Best for women

Features to Consider When Choosing a Winter Boot for Hiking

Waterproof Leather

When going out to the mountains or in icy conditions, the waterproof feature will certainly be useful. The waterproof membrane will wick away the moisture and shield your feet from the wetness conditions. Your feet will be warm and dry even in extremely snowy states.

Unfortunately, most waterproof boots will have an issue with breathability and excessive sweating especially if it is designed for backpacking and snow blowing. But since you’re going to a cold environment, the breathable feature may not be needful.

Excellent Grip

If you’re going to walk on slippery and rugged conditions, make sure the tread is designed to suit the respective environment. The traction should be more with larger lugs that are widely spaced to prevent the snow from getting trapped.

Hiking winter boots should have an excellent traction than regular boots since the trekking conditions are totally different.

At the same time, consider if the sole is sturdily constructed to withstand abrasion and whether there’s a toe protection cap to guard your toes from the impact of rocks and violent root bumps.


The best winter hiking boots must be warm and incredibly comfy. For a winter boot, make sure the midsole is cushioned and relatively thick to absorb shock and vibration when you’re moving on a rugged and floor. The best insole is a blend of EVA and natural rubber or polyurethane.

Currently, most brands are including an insulation or a thermal insole lining to retain warm air which is further directed to the feet. However, make sure it is breathable to prevent your toes from sweating.


Most hiking boots are pretty lightweight, with some weighing slightly more than others. With lightweight hiking boots, you won’t feel overwhelmed when you’re lifting the footsteps.

In fact, the lightest snow boots will be more efficient if you’re looking forward to go out for long trips in mountainous conditions.

Height of the Boot

When looking for a snow boot, place your focus on boot height as this is what will determine how comfortably you’ll walk in deeper snow.  A taller boot will provide excellent ankle comfort and protection against the shredded snow particles. 


The size of the boots in actually the most important when you’re looking for a hiking boot. For you to be comfortable, the hiking boot must be the right size that fits snugly.

Consider the feet length as well as width, but make sure there’s adequate room for socks to improve your comfort on icy conditions.

Final Thoughts

Winter hiking boots are inevitable gears in outdoor winter adventures. If you are looking forward to go hiking in a snowy mountain, or engage yourself in winter activities such as snowshoeing, you’ll definitely need a good pair of winter boots.

With the best winter boots for hiking, your hiking expedition will certainly be terrific. You’ll always look forward to a weekend whether it is winter or summer because there will be no underlying hindrance whatsoever.

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