Top 5 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men (2021 Reviews)

When going for hiking, you need to arm yourself with comfortable boots to cushion your feet at plummeted temperatures.

When hiking at lower temperature conditions such as Macho Piccho in Peru, Mt Kinabalo in Bornea or North-West Pacific where there’s plenty rain, the waterproof boots will make the tour amazingly comfortable.  

With waterproof boots, you’ll be able to endure a muddy trail, cold or snowy days and not have your feet wet or cold. Here, we’ll look at best waterproof hiking boots for men to make a snowy trip a wonderful adventure.

Top Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men

1. KEEN Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

The American built model is our top best choice for users who are looking for a waterproof hiking boot. Constructed from premium nubuck leather, this material is durable to last all your outdoor travels

It is waterproof, such that you can wade and splash through a muddy floor and still have your feet dry. It is even made with a breathable membrane just incase the weather turns hot when you’re in the wilderness.

The boots are made with a midsole which is comfy to cushion your feet when you’re walking on a rugged ground. Traction is excellent as well with thick multidirectional lugs for long life.

We love the comfy EVA footbed which is made with a dual-density design for optimal arch support; as well as the stabilized shank to increase support and comfort for extensive trails.

What will amaze you is the contoured heel lock which is designed to firmly grip the ground for a secure feel. Not to mention the speed hooks that make lace-up and adjustment a lot easy when you’re trailing.



  • Excellent ankle support
  • Comfy footbed
  • Great grip


  • Not good for women

2. Columbia Men’s Hiking Boot

What you’ll love most about the boots is the 100% leather which is designed to increase its usability on every outdoor terrain.

The shaft is ankle high from arch to protect and enhance ankle support when you’re hiking. But the amazing part is the unquestionable waterproofing to get you through the whole winter.

You’re love the omni-heat lining, designed to keep the feet warm and comfy in cold mountains; as well as the midsole which is superiorly cushioned for high energy return and a lasting comfort.

Despite the omni-heat lining, these boots are breathable and you can feel this with every step. They are lightest and you can actually run since the material is designed to be pretty flexible.

If you’re looking for some fashionable waterproof boots, these ones are sleek and incredibly stylish and they don’t even look like winter boots. They fit exactly as sized with lots of available colors to choose from.


  • Warm and comfy
  • 100% waterproof
  • Lightest hiking boots


  • Insole not great to some users

3. Salomon Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Salomon model is another fantastic option for men who are looking for taller hiking boots. The good thing about a long shaft is the optimal ankle protection against the snowy conditions.

The material is leather upper for unmatched durability when compared to other models. It is flexible and not bulky or heavy with plenty space for fluffy socks.

Waterproofing is spot on to keep the feet dry, warm and comfy even on a rainy day or freezing weather. What’s amazing is the thinsulate insulation that radiates the heat to the feet to increase your comfort in cold and snowy conditions.

Another feature that deserve special mention is the molded heel for snowshoe protection and the gaiter hook that make wandering through the deeper snow a lot easier. Plus, they’re rightly angled with flexibility for ranging outdoor adventures.

The outsole is X-Ultra with stable advanced chassis to take traction a level higher. The rubber outsole is wear-resistant as well to withstand rock bashing when you’re hiking on a rugged and rocky mountain.


  • Comfortable hiking boots
  • Waterproof spot on
  • Good traction for slippery surfaces


  • Cushy to some users

4. Oboz Bridger Insulated Hiking Boots Men’s

If you’re looking for the tallest hiking boots, then you won’t go wrong with the Oboz Bridger Insulated Hiking Boots. The all-Nubuck leather is sturdy with an excellent arch support for long trail.

It’s highest selling point is the tape-sealed proprietary polyurethane which increases its capability to resist water on muddy floor. You can walk on severe and deep snow thanks to the upper layer which is designed to wick away moisture to keep your feet dry, warm and comfy.

What makes the boots the best is the thinsulate insulation that traps the air molecules to warm your feet at plummeted temperatures all day long.

To provide your feet with extra comfort, there’s a medium density insole to cushion the underfoot and provide foot support on uneven ground. Not to mention the nylon shank for additional support between your forefoot and heel.

You’ll love the molded heel kick and toe cap which lets you get around the muddy surfaces. The traction is great as well with toothy patterns for a tighter and softer grip.



  • Warm and comfy
  • Lightweight
  • The tread is great


  • Sizing may be tricky

5. Salomon Men’s Wide Hiking Boots

Salomon brand has been in the market for several years with lots of tastes for different hiking enthusiasts. Their construction is solid to survive miles of walking on all terrains.

The Salomon men’s wide Hiking boots is synthetically crafted with an extended shaft for ample ankle protection and support. But the most outstanding feature is the sensifit which cradle the foot for a snug, secure and customized fit.

Whether you’d want to go out for hunting, hiking or any outdoor and technical adventure, these boots will keep your feet dry and pretty warm. Plus, you won’t feel heavy even after several miles of trekking since they’re made to be super light.

Surrounding the Advanced Chassis is a foam cushioning for snowy comfort. The good thing is that it is breathable for all seasons. The Advanced Chassis extends to the sole for optimal stability to the heel.

We love the classically designed outsole, with the decent control and X-Ultra technology to tackle and shine on slippery conditions. The whole floor is supported as well to give you a greater stability on longer rough trails.


  • Great foot support for foot stability
  • Lightweight to make long hikes easier
  • Top notch traction


  • Sizing issues by some users

Features to Consider in Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men

Sizing Should be Spot On

One of the most important features to consider is boot dimension. For wider feet, consider a wider boot or a medium model depending on feet size.

The boots should be a little snug without feeling loose or too tight. Make sure the space is roomy with adequate space for socks.


For a hiking boot, it is important to consider if the interior is cushioned. The insole should be comfy to cushion your feet from movement vibrations. It should be flexible as well to suit all your outdoor travel.

With a comfy hiking boot, you should be able to get around muddy trails and extreme low temperatures without getting the feet cold. Other hiking boots includes a thinsulate or Omni Heat lining that radiates the heat to the foot at lower temperatures.

However, make sure there’s a breathable membrane should the weather turn out to be excessively warm. The best waterproof boots should let you wade on deeper snow without an issue.

Great Traction and Foot Support

The shaft should be supportive to enhance stability for extended trails. Some other models are contoured at the heel to lock the foot on the ground for a secure fit. The best hiking boot encompass an EVA footbed with a dual-density design for excellent arch support.

When looking for a snow boot for snowy or rocky conditions, consider if the traction is excellent. For a snow boot, the tread should be deep and widely spaced for a tighter grip on slippery floor.

The patterns should be shaped in such a way that you can climb on rocks or go downhill without slipping. For a lasting durability and solid traction, consider an outsole with multi-directional lugs that are pretty deep.


If you are to go hiking for long distances, a lighter boot will alleviate a lot of discomfort that arise after a long trek such as blisters. The boot weight should not weigh you down with daily use. However, they should be sturdy without feeling bulky or heavy.

Final Thoughts

When hiking, it is possible to come across some muddy or wet paths, but the waterproof boots will help you cruise a lot easily. So, honestly, if you are passionate about adventure, owning your own pair or two will be totally inevitable

Your feet will feel comfortable even when the temperature is low. Besides, most versions are able to control the temperature within on warmer days.

We hope you’re able to identify the best waterproof hiking boots for men that suite your budget and hiking environment. What waterproof hiking boot are you using? Did it function to your expectations?

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