Top 5 Best Torque Wrench for the Money (2020 Reviews)

If you are in the automobile, construction or plumbing industry, owning a torque wrench is inevitable. Because estimating the right amount of torque on nuts and screws on every structure and tool is not always possible, the best torque wrench will let you preset the perfect torque which is crucial in the functioning of the tool.

You don’t want the bolts to be too loose or too tight, which is why acquiring a torque wrench will be handy. We have a lot of models in the market, but sifting through to identify the best torque wrench for the money is not an easy task to new users.

In the following review, we’ll walk you through the top torque wrenches that will give you the best value for money; whether you’re a professional or novice user.

Best Torque Wrench for the Money (Top 5 Reviews)

1. Summit Tools Digital Torque Wrench

The Summit Tools Digital Torque Wrench is our best torque wrench that money can buy. What stands out to us is the LCD that displays the measurements for you to track on each bolt.

Another great thing connected with the LCD is the buzzed indicator that provides you with audible feedback when you have attained 90% torque range so you don’t go beyond the set ft. This way, you will have a lot of confidence when torqueing even the most critical parts since the 5-99.5 ft measurements are accurate with a minus or plus three of accuracy.

You can use the unit on automobile, HVAC, aerospace, bicycle tuning, industrial applications and other home projects since it is engineered to operate well even on tough conditions.

It is an all-steel construction with strong industrial plastics and will not wear out from repeated use. When it is not in use, the Summit Tools Digital Torque Wrench comes with a strong protective case to shield it from wear and tear for a lasting performance.


  • LED display makes the wrench accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Protective carrying case


  • Not cheap

2. SATA ½ In. Adjustable Torque Wrench

This one is not a digital torque wrench but it is certainly a great choice if you want to tighten or loosen your fasteners. It is solidly built and very robust to survive any wear and tear for a lifetime.

We like how you can adjust the measurements from 44.25 ft up to 250.7 ft depending on working application. Plus, adjusting is easy and there’s a locking collar that locks tightly for accurate measurements and to prevent unexpected adjustments.

Because of the high measurements range, it means you can use the unit on truck wheels, cars, motorcycle as well as all other mechanical needs and heavy-duty applications with up to 250 ft.

Even when you’re working on oily surfaces, this torque wrench does not grip since the handle is knurled with aluminum for a nonslip comfortable experience.

In terms of durability, the torque wrench is constructed with steel so it does not compromise on strength no matter how many times it’s used. It is sold with a carrying case that’s incredibly strong and nice.


  • Comfortable grip that’s nonslip
  • Torque smooth to adjust
  • Locking collar to avert unnecessary adjustments


  • We wish it was made with LED display

3. Etork ½ In. Digital Torque Wrench

What’s great about this torque wrench is its ability to switch up to 4 different measurements. Although it is only able to measure in a clockwise way, it is very accurate with a +/-3% of accuracy which is high when compared to competitors.

The Etork ½ In. Digital Torque Wrench is made with a click to adjust design so you are able to set the right torque. Perfect choice for applications with 25-250

It is simple to use and adjust to proper setting whether you’re a novice or expert user. The quality is great, precisely as advertised which means it will be able to meet all your mechanical and home needs.

Not to forget that this drive is backed up by a lifetime user guarantee so it will be worth every risk. Plus, it complies with all requirements as set out by American National Standard.


  • It is easy use
  • Adjusting to proper setting is simple
  • High-quality construction


  • Only measure in clockwise

4. Precision Instruments Split Beam Torque Wrench

If you want to work on mechanical projects, you certainly need a split beam model and not just any other torque. It is long when compared to most torques which is great if you want to torque head bolts, wheel lug amongst other applications a lot easy.

Our favorite part is the adjustment knob that turns smoothly. Plus, there’s also a lock which makes working on repeatable applications more accurate in a moment’s notice; and a click that signals to you when you’ve reached your torque preset value.

It is constructed with a chrome and nickel finish which means it is a long-life tool no matter the intensity of the shock it is subjected to.

Because of its robust ability, this tool is perfect for heavy projects such as automobile, fields, industrial, plumbing and construction industry.  Although, it turns only clockwise, it can work in a range of 20-250 lbs which means it is applicable in many occasions.

You’ll be impressed at how it is easy to use with little effort. Worth every penny if you’re looking for quality and reliability.


  • Easy to adjust setting
  • Long for heavy projects
  • Solidly built


  • Pricey

5. Neiko 03727A Torque Wrench

The ¼ in. Neiko brand is a perfect choice for general use. It is the most affordable if you’re looking for a cheap torque wrench for general purposes.

We like the beam style torque which is more efficient than click style models since you don’t have to monitor calibration all the time which could potentially drift.

Although it is cheap, it certainly gets the tasks done if you preload the right measurements. Plus, it is more accurate with excellent repeatability when compared with torque models that click.

The scale is easy to read. Plus, the entire tool is easy to use with a ball end handle that allows for a smooth grip and turning. Quality is good but not as best as the pricier models.

You’ll like its versatility to work on cars, motorcycles, bikes amongst other applications. It is small and great for light and simple jobs.


  • Affordable torque wrench
  • Versatile


  • It feels delicate than pricier models

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Torque Wrench for the Money

  • Type of Torque Wrench

Generally, there are three options of torque wrenches as follows:

Digital Torque Wrench: Also known as electronic torque wrench, this model contains a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) where you can view and track the measurements on each application. The buzzed indicator provides audible feedback to signal to you when preset torque value is reached. We highly recommend this model, although the price may be steep if you have a limited budget.

Click Style Torque Wrench: This version of torque wrench emits an audible click sound upon attainment on the torque limit. When using this torque, be informed that you should not apply more torque after the click sound, since these models do not prevent you from going on. Just know that the whole exercise will be futile if you choose to go ahead and apply some more force.

If you’re a professional mechanic or you own a garage, we recommend this version for automobile work. You’ll get a lot of options in terms of affordability depending on the budget that you have.

Beam Style Torque Wrench: The Beam Style Torque Wrench uses the split beam technology to convey the amount of torque you’re applying during the process. These models were the first inventions of torque wrenches, so they’re somewhat less reliable and accurate.

Even though they’re least accurate, they’re toughly build to survive repeatability for many years. They are affordable and great choice for infrequent use.

  • Durability

When choosing a torque wrench, make sure it is solidly built. By this we mean, it’s ability to be resilient despite the conditions it is subjected to.

We recommend a steel construction or chrome and nickel finish. They are the best choices to withstand many years of use without any sign of wear and tear.

  • Torque Range

Your choice of torque range will depend on the purpose of the tool. It is expressed from the minimum torque to the maximum torque you can apply with the tool. It can vary from 15-75 ft lb, 30-150 ft lb, 20-250 ft lb, 25-250 ft lb, 50-250 ft lb or 120-600 ft lb depending on model.

For light applications, the small torque range model such as 15-75 ft lb or 30-150 ft lb will suffice. 20-250 ft lb, 25-250 ft lb and 50-250 ft lb are perfect choices for medium and heavy jobs. The 120-600 ft lb which is very rare will be a great option for overly heavy work.

  • Accuracy of the Tool

Digital torque wrenches are the most accurate. If you are working of parts that need a great deal of accuracy such as car breaks, you may need to shop for this type of model. It is quite pricey, so you may need to set a bigger budget.

However, a spit beam or click style torque wrench will be enough if you are working on structures and tools with zero accuracy demand.

  • Other Considerations

Comfy Nonslip Grip: When working with grease or oil, you may need a tool that is comfortable and nonslip even when it comes into contact with the oily surfaces. 

Storage Case: Some tools may not be sold with a carrying case, so it’s important you consider a tool that’s sold with it for travelling and storing purposes.

Torque Wrench Performance: The best way to tell if a torque wrench is great is to read customer reviews to confirm your fears about performance. 

Wrap Up

Approximating the snugness of fasteners especially on automobiles can be tricky. Certain components such as brakes will demand the right torque since you could interfere with how they operate if the fasteners are either too loose or excessively tight.

In our opinion, the Summit Tools Digital Torque Wrench is the best torque wrench for the money. What’s great about it is the LCD that lets you set the right amount of torque on each application. It is incredibly sturdy engineered to survive all the tough conditions it is exposed to.

With the right torque wrench, presetting the right torque on each application will be entirely simple. We hope you find the best one that suits your preferences, budget and working needs.

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