Best Snow Blower for Steep Driveway (2020 Reviews)

Shoveling snow is a lot of work. I know how it feels. I am brought up in New Hampshire where our house was surrounded by a steep backyard; and getting out on harsh winters was always a problem.

Not to mention how I always slipped every time I tried to shovel the snow away. Looking for best snow blower for steep driveway was not easier either because honestly, despite the several models in the market, only a few of them would manage a sloppy driveway.

Fortunately, we were able to settle on a few models after knowing exactly what a machine for a hilly driveway should encompass. These machines are reliable and effective plus, they’ve been around over the years.

Best Snow Blower for Steep Driveway (Top 5 Reviews)

1. Ariens 90021 Compact

The Ariens 90021 Compact is our best choice for a steep driveway. Its highest selling point is the track drive in place of wheels that improves its traction on hilly driveways and snowbanks.

What’s great about the tracks is their ability to roll with ease even when you’re climbing up the hill. Surprisingly, it will pull itself up which is a huge plus.

Engine is terrifically strong which allows you to remove snow in half-time. Even on wet and compacted snow, this machine does not struggle because of the plenty power.

Cut width is wide covering a distance of 24 in. in order to reduce on time. Plus, you can remove snow in the forward as well as reverse while dispersing the snow in any direction.

It is well-built, simple to start, simple to move and safe to maneuver on every terrain. Only problem is that you should be ready to part away with hefty dollars.

Key Features

  • Track drive for stability and traction
  • 208CC engine with electric start
  • 24 in. of work width
  • 6 forward and 2 reverse speed

2. Troy-Bilt Storm Tracker Gas Snow Thrower

The Troy-Bilt Storm Tracker is another perfect choice for a steep drive way. What we love most about this model is its tracked design instead of wheels which increases its traction and stability on hilly driveways.

Its engine is also fast and powerful which multiplies its performance on deep and heavy snow where other versions will find difficult. Starting the engine on all climates is simple and fast by a press of button.

The clearing width which is as wide as 28 in. allows you to clear tons on snow in a single pass. Not to mention its ability to remove snow which is as deep as 21 in.

You can remove snow both in the forward and reverse. Plus, removing snow in terribly cold days is totally comfortable due to the heated grips.

And when it comes throwing snow, its chute is slightly longer than other models to toss snow the farthest from you before its blown by the wind. You can as well control the direction of discharge by adjusting the chute. Best snow blower for the money if you’re looking for something amazing.

Key Features

  • Track drive for traction and stability
  • 277CC OHV electric start engine
  • 28 in. of clearing width
  • Reverse and forward levers
  • Heated hand grips

3. Husqvarna ST224P Gas Snow Blower

What makes this unit a great choice for steep driveways is the cleated track-drive design to provide unstoppable propulsion on deep, slippery and hilly grounds.

The 208cc engine is quieter but very powerful for slippery and uphill slopes. For compacted snow, it works pretty well as the models encompass heavy-duty components that survive intense use in heavy winters.

Because snow conditions are vast in low temperature climates, the Husqvarna ST224P include a starter system rather than batteries for automatic starts. Power is delivered via hydrostatic transmission for a smooth performance.

Auger and traction control are great, plus there’s also a chute that controls nicely by the 2-levers. It even includes heated handles to keep you warm and comfortable in terribly cold conditions. And when it gets dark before you’re done, the LED headlights will illuminate the way at night.

We love its variable speed for the forward and reverse as well as its ability to make a turn. The machine is well made with a control panel right Infront of you to help you control the machine.

Key Features

  • Cleated track-drive design
  • Hydrostatic power transmission
  • 208cc engine with electric starter
  • Heated handles to improve your comfort
  • LED headlights to light your driveway

4. Troy-Bilt Storm 2460 Gas Snow Thrower

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2460 is made with lots of power to cut with simplicity through deep and heavy snow. The strong 208cc OHV engine includes an electric start which is effortless even in heavy snowfalls.

It doesn’t matter how steep your driveway is, the machine will cruise throught as if the terrain was flat while throwing the snow over 30 in. away from the driveway. Besides, you can choose which direction to discharge snow by adjusting the chute.

Tires are airless in order to maintain traction on sloppy grounds. Also included are polymer skid shoes to avert possibilities of surface scuffing.

There’s no need to do repeatable passes as the clear width is wide to cover a great distance in one pass. Plus, you can clear snow both in forward and reverse so there’s no need of zero turn on steep slope.

It is simple to control the machine with levers that are positioned close to you for easy operation. The machine is great quality to serve you for many years.

Key Features

  • 208cc OHV engine with electric start
  • 24 in. of clearing width
  • Chute rotates at 200 degrees throwing snow up to 30 in. away
  • Forward speed of 6 and reverse speed of 2
  • Adjustable skid shoes to prevent surface scuffing

How to Choose the Best Model for a Steep Driveway

Track Drive Vs Wheeled

When looking for a machine for a very steep driveway, make sure the model is tracked. Track-drive models are able to maintain superior traction than the wheeled versions. Therefore, going down and up the hills will be steady and easy.

With a track-drive, it is also far easier to control the machine than when it is wheeled. Wheeled models are better to steer on flat driveways.

Fortunately, we also have a few wheeled models that deliver exceptionally on hilly driveways. A great example is the Troy-Bilt Storm 2460 Gas Snow Blower.

Powerful Engine

Look for a proper model, a powerful machine and not just any other model. Don’t fuss about the price if you want something that meets your every need.

Powerful brands are like Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna, Toro, Honda and Ariens. Avoid cheap models with strange names you’ve never heard.

Choose a model which is as powerful as 208cc if you don’t want a dreadful experience. Cruising a hilly ground will be far more easier with no problems since the engine is effective.

Second-Stage Vs Third-Stage

If you are looking for great results, avoid single-stage models at all costs. The single-stage group will require your effort to move uphill while the other stages are powered by an engine. They’re controlled only by a single device which is why they are bad performers.

If possible, pick a three-stage model although a two-stage model is also okay if the latter is unavailable. Great thing about the three-stage model is the accelerator which increases the machines performance.

Gas Mowers Vs Battery Powered-Mowers

For steep hills, we recommend gasoline versions as they are more powerful when it comes to heavy snow. There are a lot of battered-powered models, only problem is their inability to clear effectively in compacted and deep snow. We also have corded models which we don’t recommend that require a long extension cord to connect with your home socket.

The best thing about gasoline models is their reliable starts in violent winter conditions. Starting a battery-powered version will be difficult since the battery is cold. Gasoline models also have an added advantage of heated handles that improves your comfort in heavy snowfalls.

Wrapping Up

We devoted a lot of time to shortlist the above versions because we don’t want you to get disappointed like we did. We know the price may be scary at glance, but again we know you don’t want a wrong machine that will fail to deliver.

Truth is, if it doesn’t get the job done, then it is unworthy. However, be vigilant because even the best snow blower for steep driveway may be pointless if it is made with sub-standard components.

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