Best Snow Blower for Large Driveway (2020 Reviews)

Did you know that snow ridded driveways can push you to remain indoors the entire day? Shoveling could be the best option, however, you’re likely to spend a lot of time covering a large driveway.

The best snow blower for large driveway will let you cover a wide area and clear tons of snow within the shortest moment. It makes clearing more efficient than using a shovel.

If snowfalls are predictable in your states, then there’s no better way to arm yourself than to get set with a snowblower when winter conditions strike. Here’s a list of top five slow bowers that will make snow clearing pretty easy and enjoyable with zero frustrations.

Best Snow Blower for Large Driveway Reviews (2020)

1. PowerSmart DB7624E Gas Snow Blower

PowerSmart is popularly known for the manufacturing of incredibly quality yard and garden products. One of their most popular is the PowerSmart DB7624E.

This snow blower works like pro. It is powered by a 212cc engine which makes it powerful to handle even wet snow that is known to be heavy. This engine is that powerful to remove snow up to a distance of 40-feet.

With a width of 24-inches, this blower clears a wide area without the need of several passes. It clears a depth of up to 21-inches in a single pass.

We love its durability because, unlike those machines that are made of plastic frames, this one is made with metallic frames, plus the auger system is also strong to survive for many years.

You’ll love the flexibility of the driving system that allows you to drive at a speed of 4 for forward and a speed of 2 for backward for an amazing driving experience. Plus, it starts easily and doesn’t emit any nuisance noise. 

The wheels are inflatable but wide with a width of 13-inches; and deep treads bites for excellent traction when moving on the slippery ground.


  • Wide clearing width
  • Powerful engine
  • Sturdy frames


  • pricey

2. Briggs & Stratton 1696619, 250cc

The Briggs & Stratton 1696619 is wider than the PowerSmart brand, so if you’re looking for a wider version, this one is probably the best.

With a width of 27-inches, this machine eliminates snow in a wide area in one-single pass. The height is 20-inches, so it’s a great choice if you want to remove thick snow away for large driveways.

The 250cc engine capacity increases the capability of the blower to manage thick snows and to toss the snow away. And because the model includes an electric pushing button, starting the unit is easy-peasy even in cold weather and in the middle of heavy snow falls.

Even on heavy snows, maneuvering through is simple, thanks to the steel skid shoes that are reversible. It also moves quietly and runs without difficulty even on steep driveways.

You’ll love the disc for friction transmission which is useful in cleaning down the snow to driveways when snow conditions are heavy. There’s even a rotating chute that makes removing unnecessary snow from the yard a breeze.


  • Wide clearing width
  • 14” by 4” tires for excellent traction
  • Single LED headlights


  • Expensive

3. PowerSmart DB7651BS-24 Gas Snow Blower

Within the PowerSmart DB7651BS is a strong 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine, which is totally reliable as we all know that Briggs & Stratton is a well-known company famous for high-quality machineries.

The unit starts electrically fast by utilizing the recoil although there’s a safety key switch to facilitate starting and switching off the engine.

The clearing width measures 24-inches which is wide enough for large driveways. Its height is 16-inches, so it can penetrate and clear even on deep snow conditions; and cast at a distance of 40-inches away from driveway.

You’ll be impressed by the users control panel that features drive engage and auger while allowing you to control speed as well as deflector position and chute rotation right with your fingertips.

Bolting the few accessories like discharge chute and skid shoes is simple. The skid shoes allow you to plough and maneuver with less effort even on heavy snowfalls. For new users, the package includes a step by step manual on how to put together the pieces and start up the unit.


  • 24-inch of clearing width
  • 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Skid shoes for heavy snowfalls


  • Not cheap

4. Husqvarna ST224P Gas Snow Blower

The Husqvarna ST224P uses a 208cc motor which makes it one of the most powerful snow blowers you’ll ever find. Because it is strong, removing snow will be fast and pretty easy.

Perfect for large driveways, the snow blower clears a driveway as wide as 24-inches and can clear a depth of up to 12-inches in wet and heavy snow conditions.

You’ll love the control and handles that are made with your comfort in the picture. And so, controlling the machine will always be smooth and efficient.  Plus, the whole machine can move both in the forward and reverse directions. But, going with the reverse is slightly slow for the user’s safety.

The chute throws nicely and rotates from left to right or up and down at 180-degree to give you a host of casting options. Controlling the chute is easy by the two levers on the user’s panel. This panel lights at light to help you control the settings even in darkness.

Switching on the electric starter is simple and you can even work at night thanks to the LED headlights that helps you see your clearing path. The whole unit is solidly built, plus, it’s easy to store as it fits well even in ordinary doors.


  • Solidly built
  • Nice control panel
  • Steering is simple even on concretes


  • Headlights not bright enough

5. Greenworks 2600502 Corded Snow Thrower

The Greenworks 2600502 has a plowing width of 20-inches to clear fast on large walks and driveways. Its motor delivers power at 13 amp which makes the unit a great alternative to shoveling.

It comes with a throwing chute that rotates at 180-degree, plus, it’s easy to adjust the throwing direction the way you want.

When compared to gas powered units, this one is a little lighter and folds down to make storing a little bit easier. But that doesn’t mean it’s less powerful as this product works well with light snow as well as wet and heavy snow.

Putting together and turning on is straight forward to novice users. When running, this blower is quiet if you’re working in a family driveway.

The only downside is that the machine may not be as good as gas powered machines if you want to clear snow in extreme cold conditions as starting up the machine may not be easy.


  • Runs quietly
  • Adjustable chute


  • Not as good as gas machines

How to Choose the Best Snow Blower for Driveway

Clearing Width

Your selection of a snow blower depends on the size of the driveway. For a large driveway, the clearing width should be at least 20-inches. If the width is wide, it means you’ll be able to cover a wide area in a single pass than when it’s small since you’ll be required to clear snow in at least two rounds or more.

Briggs & Stratton 1696619 is a classic example of a machine with a wide clearing width. The width is 27-inches which is an excellent size for large driveways and pathways.

Durability and Specs of Engine

To know if the machine is strong, check to see if it’s entirely metallic. There maybe a few accessories that are plastic however, the very crucial systems like auger should be complete steel.

Also check the specs of engine to see if it’s powerful. The more powerful the engine is, the easier it is to maneuver in wet and heavy snowfalls. A great unit has an engine with not less than 208cc.

A powerful engine is able to clear thick snow which is as deep as 20-inches and more. Tossing the snow some distance away from the driveway is also a breeze with strong engines.

Gas Vs Electric Snow Blowers: Which is Better?

Gas powered snow blowers are pricey and bulky but very powerful when compared to electric-powered machines. They maneuver excellently in wet and heavy snowfalls.

Electric snow blowers on the other hand are less expensive, light and easily fold to fit in ordinary doors. Unfortunately, these machines are difficult to start in extremely cold places with heavy and wet snows.

For an electric unit to start in too cold climates, you have to remove the battery and warm indoors before reinstalling. Also, these machines are only appropriate for light snows with small depth and will require your effort to propel, unlike the gas-powered, self-propelled versions.

Control User Interface

Most versions have a user control panel that lets you control the speed; drive engage and auger as well as chute rotation and deflector position exactly on your fingertips.

In a few models like Husqvarna ST224P, the panels lights at nighttime to let you control the settings even in darkness.

The handle and control should be made and positioned in such a way that they’re comfortable for the driver to make control pretty smooth and efficient. 

Versatile Chute and Driving System

The purpose of the chute is to toss the snow while rotating at 180-degree. A versatile chute lets you control the direction of rotation either from left to right or up to down to give you a host of casting options.

You can also adjust the rotation angle from 180 to 200-degrees and so on as you please and even the throwing distance. Controlling the chute direction should be easy by the two levers on the drivers control interface.

A versatile driving system on the other hand will let you clear snow both in the forward and reverse directions. In most cases, the reverse speed is slow for your safety in the slippery terrain.

Final Thoughts

Anticipation of winter season will always invoke fear to people where snowfalls are expected. The imagination of previous experiences can make you to be in distress wondering how you’ll cope-up with another awaiting season.

If yours is such a country, there’s no need to fret again. The best snow blower for large driveway will make your work easy-peasy to give you peaceful mind when others do not have the least idea on where to start.

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