Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower for Hills (Top 5 Reviews)

The best way to keep a lawn charm is to use a lawn mower. Unfortunately, managing tall, dense and thick grass on a hilly terrain can turn out to be unbearable. The reason for this is because most mowers will have difficulty maneuvering a sloppy ground.

The only way around a steep backyard is to shop for a push mower for hills. The best self-propelled lawn mower for hills can move on any terrain without any problem. This mower is easy to steer, propelling with ease as if the terrain was flat.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower for Hills (2020 Reviews)

1. Yard Force Lithium-Ion 22” Self Propelled Mower

On top of our list is this lawn mower by Yard Force. The Yard Force Lithium-Ion 22” Self-Propelled Mower is made with an easy to control lever on the mowers handle to control its speed with your fingers without the need of bending.

This mower comes with an inbuilt sensor that conveys to you when more power in needed to cut the wet, thick and dense grass and increase its power on blades. When little power is needed, it again signals to you so you can save on energy.

The gas engine can cut on all the grasses types with the 2-installed batteries. The good thing is it runs on one battery while the sensor recharges the other.

We like how the 22” steel deck seamlessly converts from mulching to rear-bagging and also to side discharge. It’s very easy to use leading to nice cut as a result of the speedy blades.

One excellent feature we love is the grass catcher that is simple to insert. Even better, the air flap closes to signal to you when its full for emptying.  Plus, the handle is easy to fold by the use of side levers for easier storage.


  • Recharged battery stays long
  • 2-batteries
  • The handle is easy to adjust


  • pricey

2. Ryobi 20” RY40190 40-Volt Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The self propelled mower is made with a Rear Wheel Drive that provides more traction to power the mower up the hills. The Rear Wheel Drive also makes it possible to mow in straight lines.

The mower produces gas to power its activities by the use of intelligent brushes and load sensing technology. This sensing technology makes it possible for the mower to produce the maximum energy needed for optimal cutting.

Our favorite part is the large 20 in. deck that work concurrently with the 2 in 1 mulching and power option to get the work done the way you want.

The features are easy to set and operate; and any person can use the mower. Plus, it’s super easy to start. It even comes with a 7-position telescopic handle so you can configure the height as needed and start mowing without any struggle.

It’s very light, easy to push, and the user will not get tired once the height is customized as per the mower’s height. You’ll also find it easy to negotiate the mower on hills at your desired speed.


  • Easy and quick to set
  • Light and easy to push
  • Adjustable height


  • Battery drains needing recharging

3. Honda 21” Side Gas Self Propelled Mower

The Honda HRS216VKA starts on a pull-start system. The engine is powerful and can work on small and big lawns. This engine produces a lot of power to move with ease on steep hills.

To increase its speed on a hilly terrain, this mower comes with a clutch lever. You can also reduce the speed if you want the mower to be slow.

The mower is made with one blade but there is an option to add another blade. The blade is held firmly in its rightful place by 2-bolts and will not get loose even when it comes into contact with an obstacle.

The blades cut precisely even on tall & thick grass or bumpy terrains. The deck itself is solid and the entire mower is high quality and sturdy.

Honda HRS216VKA does not require any assembly. Plus, it comes with oil and gas to get you started. Additionally, it’s very easy to use the settings and the product itself does not lead to choking.


  • Starting is easy
  • Engine is reliable
  • Variable speed control feature


  • May be pricey to some users

4. Husqvarna 22” Self Propelled Gas Mower

The 22” gas model uses all-wheel technique to move on every terrain. From up the hills to flat yards and obstacle infiltrated lawn, you’ll find it super easy to mow your lawn without any struggle.

This machine starts by a pull-start system to give you control of all its other settings. Depending on terrain, height and thickness of grass, you can configure the 3-in-1 cutting system to achieve several cutting options for best results.

The Briggs and Stratton engine can work on all grass types on medium size and small lawns. Starting and operating the mower is easy and anyone can use it by following the instructions manual.

You can even control its speed to fast or slow depending on how you want the mower to work. The ergonomic handle is comfortable on grip to give you excellent control while mowing.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • 3-in-1 cutting system for different cutting options


  • Pricey

5. Honda 662300 21 In GCV200 4-in-1

This mower is made with 9 in. wheels that comes with ball bearings to access every terrain. Two speed controls allow you to configure the speed as maximum or minimum. Speed is adjustable by utilizing the Speed Adjust Dial to suit your strides.

We were impressed by the twin blade MicroCut system that utilizes the 4-cutting surfaces to deliver ultra-fine clippings for maximum clippings and mulching. The 27-inch axle to axle base wheels base makes the mower easy to maneuver the shrubbery and corners.

The GCV200 engine is reliable, easy to start and can cruise on all terrains. It produces tons of power and does not break down when it encounters an obstacle.

Plus, there are no extra tools require as you’ll only need to adjust the features available to get the work done the way you want.


  • Powerful engine
  • 7-mowing heights


  • Deck only has one-inch flange

How to Choose the Best Push Mower for Hills

  • Speed Control System

The best mower for hills comes with a Speed Control System that’s located on the handle. This feature allows you to regulate the speed of the mower as needed by fingertips. The system should be easy to set as maximum or minimum.

For new buyers, confirm if the feature is present as maneuvering on steep hills or uneven terrains will not be possible if there is no way to increase or reduce the speed.

  • Battery Vs Gas Lawn Mower

You’ll find two types of mowers in the market: gas mower and the battery-powered mower. Some people will prefer a gas mower while others will go for a battery mower for their own reason.

However, a gas mower is the most popular among the gardeners because it lasts longer when it’s mowing. Battery models need recharging if the battery power is drained out.

Fortunately, there are mowers that run on two-batteries. A good example is Yard Force Lithium-Ion 22” Self-Propelled Mower. This mower utilizes one battery while recharging the other. Thus, mowing will not get obstructed since the sensor is recharging the drained battery while you’re using the other.

The good thing about a battery powered mower is that it’s lightweight, quiet and does not pollute the environment. Oil or gas-powered mowers are bulky since there’s an addition of the oils weight on top of the mowers weight. However, in terms of functionality, both mowers are efficient and reliable.

  • Comfortable

A comfortable mower for hills is padded at the handles. Rough handles can make your hands sore. The most comfortable mower comes with a handle that can be configures to match the mower’s height. If you’re tall, a short handle will keep you uncomfortable and you’re likely to get tired before you get the work done.

To feel more comfortable while mowing, go for a left-handed switch if you’re left-handed. However, you can still go for a right-handed if the model you want does not come with this option. Afterall, it’s just a matter of time to get used to a right-handed switch.

Other mowers come with a cup holder to hold water and have a gulp when you feel like sweating on summer months.

  • All Wheel Drive Vs Rear Wheel

We have three types of mowers. One that uses one drive wheel to power the rear wheels or one drive wheel to power the front wheels.

The best one comes with 2-drive wheels to power both the rear and the front wheels. However, these ones may be pricier if you’re working on a tight budget.

If you have a small budget, rear wheel mowers are the best ones for steep hills. They maneuver well on steep terrains. Front wheels mowers are only good for even grounds.

  • Mulching Vs Bagging Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers of hills comes in two models. One that uses a bag to collect the clippings while the other dispels the clippings on the sides.

For a bagging mower, a bag is attached at the mower’s back to collect the clippings. The bag can be small or big. A big bag will not need emptying every often, however, it gets heavier as more clippings add up which can get you exhausted if you’re mowing a big lawn. You can attach the bag on the sides; however, it’ll be difficult to mow close to trees.

A mulching mower on the other hand shreds the clippings into finer bits and disperse them through a chute that’s located on the sides. The clippings are so small and do not look like debris when they get dry. They get absorbed between the grass and act as fertilizer when they decay.

How to Maintain a Lawn Mower for Hills

Sharpen the Blades Occasionally

Dull blades do not cut the grass precisely. Instead, they destroy the grass making it vulnerable to diseases. Sometimes it may even dry up since it’s ripped off by dull blades.

If you’re not sure of how to sharpen the blades, there are experts who can do the task for you at a fee. From there you’ll be able to figure out how it’s done if you’re a fast learner.

Replace the oil Every Often

Just like other movable machines, mower’s oil needs to be replaced. The secret is to drain out the oil when the engine is warm to loosen it up.

Overturn the mower or use a dipstick to drain the oil out. Close the drain hole and refill the engine oil reservoir. Oil can be gotten from a service station that deal with machinery or car greasing.

Keep the Mower Clean

Mowing exposes the mower to dust, dirt and a host of other types of wastes. Accumulation and build-up of debris can block the rotating parts or make the mower susceptible to rust.

Overturn the mower carefully and connect it with a garden hose to rid off any kind of debris. Some mowers are made to be cleaned by a garden hose while others will require your creativity to clean of the dust.

Replace the Filter

Occasionally, check the engine filter to see if it needs replacement. The filter gets covered with grime after some time which would affect the flow of air. Clean other parts around the filter as part of the general maintenance.

Replacing the filter is tactful so it’s important you check it if you notice some changes on how the mower is functioning.

Wrap Up

A beautiful lawn is the dream is of every person. However, without the necessary tools, managing the grass can be wearisome.

The best self-propelled lawn mower for hills will make your work easy. The price may not be friendly; however, an irresistible backyard comes with a price. Besides, this product is long life and there’ll be no need to get another mower if you manage to pick the excellent quality.

Every passerby will admire your lawn and keep wondering what you used to keep the grass incredibly glamorous.

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