Best Riding Lawn Mower for Small Yard (2020 Reviews)

If you are looking to mow a small to medium lawn like ½, 2, 3 up to 5-acres, you don’t need to look for a big mower to do the job. However, if you are looking to upgrade your lawn in future, then you may need to invest in a larger mower.

Large mowers also work well on small lawns as long as the yard is devoid of trees and other obstructions. Here, we’ll look at the best riding lawn mower for small yard that will make mowing a small lawn an amazing experience.

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Small Yard (Reviews)

1. Ariens Zoom Zero Turn Mower

The Ariens Zoom is a great choice for small as well as medium lawns. So, if your lawn size is around ½ to 2-acres, this might be what you’re looking for.

Its engine is super powerful allowing you to mow your lawn in half time. The 19 hp Kohler engine starts automatically so you’ll not get disappointed if you want to start fast and work for a limited time.

The 34-in. wide cut width increases performance on larger lawns while the 18-in. high back seat improves your comfort while working on larger jobs. You can even mow both in the forward as well as reverse directions.

It zero turn capability allows you to mow in small spaces with trees where a large mower will not be able to maneuver appropriately.

The whole unit is heavily constructed and every part of it is designed to last. Best mower for the money if you’re looking for something to last you for many years.


  • The unit is well built
  • Reliable 19 hp Kohler engine
  • High back seat for comfort


  • Not cheap

2. Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Riding Mower

With a strong 26hp Kohler engine and a high speed of 6.5 mph, this unit will let you wide-up a larger yard within the shortest time. Because it is powerful, it reduces mowing in half time when compared with most mowers in the same price range.

Its deck is a little bit larger, so it’s a great unit for lawns that are 3-acres to around 5-acres. The 54 in deck will let you clear a small open yard devoid of trees in one pass. The deck is reinforced by strong steel to increase its working life.

We love it ability to make a zero turn in small spaces. Also, maneuvering the unit is as simple as riding as vehicle. Joining the separate pieces is super simple as well.

For maximum productivity, this machine includes an air induction technology that lets in air both from top of the deck to the bottom leading to an even superior cut.

Besides, the safety of this unit is on another level as it features a patented parking brake system that activates or deactivates automatically to let you pack or move the mower by the use of steering levers.


  • Strong 26hp Kohler engine
  • Cutting deck wide and strong


  • A bit expensive

3. Troy-Bilt Super Bronco Riding Mower

This mower has a work width of 50 in. so it is appropriate for small as well as larger lawns. The extra-large deck covers a wider path to let you finish the work within your required timeframe.

Its 679cc engine is really strong to power the machine on any terrain, working quite easily on large tracts of rough grass. The engine is by OHV, which is a reputable brand in producing reliable ready start engines.

What we love most about this mower is the high-back seat that lets you mow a large lawn without any discomfort. It’s also made with ample space for your leg and you won’t feel squeezed while working.

Also, the steering wheel is soft on touch leading to an amazingly smooth ride. Every part of it like the deck is made with strong materials to give you a lasting performance.

With a fuel tank capacity of 3-gallon, this machine allows you to accomplish the task at hand without the need of frequent refilling. Plus, the whole machine is compact to fit in a standardized gate and home garage.


  • Comfortable high-back seat
  • Great engine
  • Heavy duty unit


  • The unit is pricier

4. Craftsman T225 Riding Lawn Mower

The Craftsman T225 is not such a big mower, that’s why it’s appropriate for small and larger lawns. Despite its smaller size, it is powered by a strong 19hp gas engine that utilizes a ready start technology for reliable starts.

This unit encompass a 46 in. cutting deck that lets you clear a larger lawn in a single pass.  You’ll love the deck wash that cleans the underside of the deck to increase its long life.

One great thing about this mower is its ability to mow even in the reverse direction when you’re mowing squeezed spaces incorporated with trees when taking a turn is impossible.

Its highest selling point is the high back seat accompanied by the cushioned sitting spot that increases the mower’s comfort when mowing a larger yard.

Both the forward and rear wheels are great for easier clearance and greater maneuverability across a yard. The unit rides smoothly, cutting evenly on small and thick grass without leaving a single clamp.

The gas tank capacity is 3-gallons which is adequate for small to medium yards. Connecting the seat, steering wheel and other accessories is straightforward as well.


  • Underside deck wash
  • Wide cut width for larger yards
  • Hight comfortable back seat


  • Unit not cheap

How to Choose a Riding Lawn Mower for Small Yard

  • Gas Vs Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Gas powered mowers utilizes gas to power up the machine while the electric powered mowers will require a power cord as well as a battery to store energy for their operation.

When looking for a riding mower do not be deceived by price as electric powered mowers will tend to be slightly cheaper when compared to gas mowers. If you are looking for something efficient and reliable, you definitely have to go for a gas-powered mower if you want automatic starts on a daily basis.

  • Electric Start Vs Pull-Start

There are those mowers that start up by pulling a cord while others are made to start on by the use of electric start. Others are made with both features for your own convenience.

Electric start is the most convenient in all climates, so, make sure the unit is made with this option where a key is used to start up the machine. Beware that pull start will not often start an engine on winter conditions since the battery is cold.

  • High-Back Seat

No matter what size your drive way is, you need a comfortable seat for an amazing mowing experience. A comfortable seat is characterized by a cushioned seat-spot and a high-back.

  • Adjustable Speed

The speed limit of the machine will usually depend on the model. For new users, do not go for a model with less than 6 mph. However, for commercial mowing, a high speed such as 12 miles per hour will be a better choice if you want to increase productivity and ROI.

Higher speed translates to less mowing time. When shopping for a riding mower for small lawn, make sure the speed is adjustable from low to high as it will be prudent to reduce speed when working on uneven terrain or a lawn that’s incorporated with trees.

  • Power of the Engine and Power Transmission

A hilly terrain will definitely require a strong engine to power the machine up a slope. For even grounds, you’ll still require a powerful engine if you want to reduce on mowing time.

For power transmission, they’re categorized into three types: hydrostatic, automatic and manual. Hydrostatic mowers transmit power to wheels by the use of fluid, automatic mowers are regulated by a gas pedal while manual mowers are controlled by levers. Any of these is a great choice for small lawns.

  • Size of the Deck

For a small lawn such a ½ an acre to 2-acres, you actually do not need a wide deck. Any lawn mower with a work width of between 34 and 54 inches will suffice. Make sure you consider the available obstacles such as trees and make sure the mower will meander through a lot easily without destroying the available vegetation.

Another thing to guide you on deck size is the available storage space since the size of the deck will go hand in hand with the size of the mower. The longer the deck width, the greater the size of the mower.

The size of your storage space should not be overlooked as well as you do not want to struggle with storage once you’re done. Or leave your machine in the rain because you’re out of options on where to put it.

However, it’s always a good idea to invest in a larger mower if you have intentions of expanding your lawn size later on in future.

Wrapping up

Because these machines are typically pricey, we do not want you to mess up in picking the best mower no matter what size your yard is. Sure, you could return the mower for replacement, but we want you to save on time from the word go.

The best riding lawn mower for small yards we’ve reviewed will get the work done flawlessly and without any embarrassment. They will certainly deliver as they are supposed to.

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