Top 5 Best Men’s Hiking Boots for Wide feet (2021 Reviews)

Are you looking for a hiking foot for a wide foot without success? Well, I’m also one of those guys with very wide feet and finding the perfect sizing was not easy.

Truth is, there are tons of models in the market presumably described as wide but totally narrow for men with wide feet. For that reason, I did a research of popular models and analyzed the feedback of users who have had a practical experience with the hiking boot.

The sizing of the hiking boots I’ve reviewed is spot on for users looking for best men’s hiking boots for wide feet. I’m certain you’ll find the perfect sizing you’ve been looking for a long while. Let’s get right in.

Best Men's Hiking Boots for Wide feet in 2021

1. Danner Men’s Mountain Hiking Boot

Designed to tackle every type of hiking landscape, the Danner Men’s Mountain Hiking Boot is our top hiking boot for men with wide feet.

The suede material is undeniably solid with a waterproofing protection so your feet can remain dry after a long weekend of hiking on snow and mud.

The shaft is 5.25-inch from the arch to offer adequate support to ankles and arch without being rigid. Not to mention the TPU heel frame which is designed to increase your stability and support.

The boots are comfy to avert possibilities of blisters and sore toe after a long day of hiking. For ortholite users, the floor of the foot is cushioned to improve your comfort when you’re in the woods. They’re super lightweight and roomier with ample space for socks.

The sole is incredibly outstanding with classic traction, designed with megagrip technology to offer superior grip when you’re hiking on steep slope, wet surfaces and every outdoor terrain. 


  • Ankle support is great
  • Lightweight design
  • Waterproof


  • Flat laces not favorite to some users

2. Oboz Men’s Hiking Boot

The Oboz Men’s Hiking Boot is a superb choice for winter hiking and plantar facsiastus. The hiking boot is roomy with a wide toe box for men with wide feet.

The Obox is complete leather to survive tough grounds. The seams are equally spaced and top quality as well.

Ankle support is adequate for difficult trails and the whole boot is lightweight. As for waterproofing, you can walk on snow and tread on puddles but still have the feet dry.

The insole is amazingly comfy to provide sufficient arch support and let you trek for several miles with no hot spots or blisters. You can walk all day on rocks and gravel without feeling the impact since they’re cushioned at the footbed.

The traction is aggressive for all terrain. Not to mention the lacing system which is designed to be quick. The overall appearance is good is pretty stylish.


  • Good ankle support
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable inserts


  • Laces not heavy-duty to some users

3. Keen Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

The boots are constructed with a lasting Nubuck leather. On top of this leather is a waterproof and breathable membrane to keep the feet dry and cool both in winter and summer months.

The premium hike boot is constructed to be comfy with high quality EVA footbed to offer optimal arch support all day long. The shank is designed to be stable as well for maximum ankle support and comfort which is a prerequisite in longest trails.

For additional hiking comfort, the top-quality PU midsole will cushion your feet when trekking on a rugged terrain. Plus, sizing is perfect for men who have had difficulties finding a perfect fit.

The outsole is patterned with thick multi-directional lugs to prolong their life and increase ground grip on slippery conditions. Not to mention the contoured heel that holds and locks the foot for a stable and secure fit; as well as speed hooks that make adjustment of laces a lot easier.


  • Breathable
  • Comfy and supportive
  • Lightweight


  • Price on high side to some users

4. Lowa Men’s Hiking Boot

Another outstanding choice is the Lowa Men’s Hiking Boot which is synthetic and 100% leather (Nubuck). It is Lowa’s best selling day hiker as a result of its top performance.

The upper Nubuck leather is water repellant to make a day on snow and muddle paddle a breeze. This leather is designed to hold the foot securely to minimize strain that may be exerted on toes when hiking on downhill.

The overall hike boot is waterproof with excellent breathability. But what you’ll love most is the rugged Vibram outsole which is engineered with thick rubber rugs to offer optimal grip where it is needed.

When hiking on a rugged landscape, the long nylon shank is engineered to increase your stability without getting stiff. 

The midsole is designed with Monowrap technology to minimize the boot weight and increase your stability. Plus, it is cushioned to enhance foot comfort while in the wilderness. 


  • Good ankle support
  • Sole grip is excellent
  • Lightweight


  • Quality may not be great enough to some users

5. Columbia Men’s Venture Boot

This one is fairly affordable but with the same technical capabilities like other hiking boots we’ve reviewed. A great choice when hiking in summer months.

But what makes the boots to stand out is how it is designed to be stylish without compromising on durability. The 100% leather boot will be able to endure a rigorous day on the mountain while remaining lightweight.

Breathability is great and sizing is spot on. For men with wide feet, the boot is plenty wide to be comfortable. Plus, there’s an insole to provide superior cushioning and a lasting comfort while absorbing impact when hiking on uneven grounds.

Another feature that sets the boot apart is the advanced traction that lets you tread on any ground without slipping. The outsole is solid as well to resist abrasion on strenuous hiking. What we don’t like about them is the absence of waterproof feature, but you can buy some spray to add a waterproof lining.


  • Great quality
  • Breathable
  • Super lightweight


  • Only good for summer hiking

Features to Consider When Choosing a Hiking Boot for Men with Wide Feet


The dimension of a boot will always defer even if the hiking boot is wide. For men with wide feet, make sure the toe box is roomy with adequate space to wiggle.

Since it is not possible to tell the fitting by mare look, the best way to verify if the fitting the true is to look at reviews of previous users.


Comfortable hiking boots are cushioned on the inside. The insole design should be cushioned and flexible to absorb impact when trailing on rocky or uneven pavements.

For people with high arches, make sure the mild arch support is spot on. The whole footbed should be supportive as well.

Another feature worth noting is the length of shaft. For long and difficult trails, consider if the hiking boot is supportive at the ankles without feeling stiff. The whole hiking boot should be lightweight as well, not to feel heavy on longest trails.


The aggressiveness of traction will be determined by the thickness of outsole lugs. In a few models, the heel is contoured to lock your foot and enhance stability when hiking on steep slopes. However, the quality of the outsole is what will determine if the hiking boot will be able to endure the incredibly rough terrains for a long time. 

Type of Hiking Boot

Are you looking for a winter or summer hiking boot? If you looking for a winter hiking boot, consider if it is waterproof for heavy downpour, snow, bogs and muddle trails. Others are insulated to warm your feet when hiking on snow and plummeted temperatures.

For summer hiking, the hiking boot should have a fairly good ventilation to avert unnecessary sweating. Most waterproof boots are made to be less breathable, but we have a few modes with both features that may be perfect when hiking in summer.


Best materials are nubuck and full-grain leather. They’re solid with quality stitching to hold up together even after several years of daily use.

The leather upper may be quality, but another factor which will determine if the hiking boot is outstanding is the outsole. Rubber is the most popular, but you need to look at the tread to see if it feels solid to survive abrasion on rocky trails.

Wrapping Up

In most cases, it is not possible to get exactly what you’re looking for unless you decide to overlook some features; and looking for a hiking boot is no exemption.

If you’ve been having a hard time looking for the best men’s hiking boots for wide feet, we hope this review helps you narrow down to the right sizing. What sets them out is their record performance for men with wide feet with 100% assurance of zero blisters, hotspots and discomfort!

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