Top 10 Best Hiking Shoes and Boots for Kids (2021 Reviews)

Are you planning to take your kids on an outdoor vocation?  Kids are little beings and a little discomfort on their feet will disrupt your whole excursion.

Hiking shoes are one of the prerequisites you need to own for your little wonder. These gears are designed to be comfortable and to provide the needed support when trekking or climbing on a ranging of outdoor terrains.

Here, we’ve reviewed the best hiking shoes and boots for kids that will make your kids have the joyous experience they’ve been craving for without any discomfort.   

Best Hiking Shoes and Boots for Kids in 2020

1. Merrell Kid’s Low Hiking Shoe

The Merrell Kid’s Low Hiking Shoe is an incredible choice not only for hiking but also for playing. The 100% synthetic material is top quality but very lightweight for toddlers.

Sizing is true, plus, there are lots of sizes for kids who are up to size 13. It is comfortable, supportive, and protective for your kids outdoor and indoor play. The rubber sole is great with excellent grip for slippery and snow conditions.

Your kid will love the shoe since it holds up superbly well plus, it’s easy to wear and get off. The lacing system is simple as well to make adjustment a breeze.

The shaft is a little low, but very supportive to the low toddler ankles. But what you’ll most is the waterproof lining that let the kids to trek on muddle trails and still have the feet dry.


  • True sizing
  • Excellent traction
  • Waterproof


  • Laces not great to some users

2. Wekite Kids Boots Boys Girls Hiking Shoes

If you’re looking for snow hiking boots for kids, this one is an amazing choice. What makes it to stand out is the top suede leather which is comfortable with a warm plush and skin friendly internal lining.

When hiking on snow, you’ll have no worries, since there are deep flex grooves that are wear resistance for optimal traction. It is even reinforced on the heel for better support on sloppy landscapes.

The shaft is pretty high with great ankle support, suitable for trekking, hiking, mountaineering and much more.  What you’ll love most is the rubber toe guard that promotes natural movement while shielding the toes from scrapes and impact when hiking on rocky surfaces.

Waterproofing is outstanding for all-day snowmobiling and walking around mud. The quality of the shoe is great with a hook-loop closure for secure fit. The hook loop makes putting on and taking off the boot a lot easier.


  • Great quality
  • Waterproof boots
  • Traction is great


  • May be a little heavy

3. Vitike Kids Hiking Boots

The Vitike kids hiking boots is constructed almost the same as the Wekite model. The upper part is pretty high for ample ankle support and protection for longest trails.

The highest selling point is the unique outsole pattern that offers an excellent stability and grip for various terrains. The outsole is tough and abrasion resistant with excellent heel support.

There’s a mesh fabric upper that makes the boot extremely breathable. Internal lining comprises of a warm, comfy and breathable plush. The sizing is great, appearance is fashionable and the whole boot is lightweight.

Your kid can wander on mud, patrol through snow and still have the feet dry, warm, and incredibly comfy. Not to mention the gusseted tongue that keeps off debris making the boot perfect for every outdoor adventure.


  • Comfortable
  • Waterproofing is great
  • Great grip for snow


  • May feel heavy to some kids

4. Treva Kids Arrowood Hiking Shoe

The Treva Kids Arrowood Hiking Shoe is designed with a high shank for your kid’s ankle, extra stability and protection on extended hikes.

The hiking boot is extremely light but very durable. The upper part is fabric mesh, primarily designed for breathability in summer hiking.

The top leather is built with a moisture wicking lining that seals out puddles, rain, and snow when hiking in winter and muddy trails. The shoe is solid and incredibly comfortable, thanks to the internal plush, fur lining.

The tread pattern does not feel great, but it’s sticky for flat trails in simple hiking. Fortunately, the outsole is tough to add on traction when it’s needed. Apart from hiking, your kid can wear the shoes to school and on the playground.


  • Super comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight


  • May be rigid to some kids

5. Itapo Kid’s Winter Snow Boots

The Itapo Kid’s Winter Snow Boots is built with a top-quality water resistant upper to wick away moisture; and broaden the range of outdoor activities you and your kids can do.

The boots are cozy with a thick fur lining and a soft insole for ultimate comfort and warmth. The stylish winter boots are designed to wrap the feet for a cozy walking comfort in snowmobiling and winter hiking.

You’ll love the outsole which is designed with anti-slip grip to let your kid stride on a slippery trail without the sliding panic. There’s even an anti-collision guard to shield the toe from impact against a sharp object or hard rock. 

With the hook and loop buckle, it is simple to adjust the boots when you want to tighten or take off the hiking boots. It is versatile perfect for shopping, school, daily walking and a range of other outdoor activities.


  • Thick fur lining increase comfort
  • Nice snow grip
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • We wish the sole was thicker

6. Elaphurus Kids Outdoor Snow Boots

This one is an attractive snow boot that your son or daughter will love. The upper material features a high-quality synthetic material and fabric which is dirt proof.

The overall quality is unquestionable plus, it fits well with three buckle design. Your kid will feel the softness of the faux fur lining that keeps the foot comfy and warm in winter and snowmobiling.

We love the sturdy anti-collision toe guard that protects the toes from sudden collision with stones. Not to mention the solid rubber outsole which is soft to offer adequate cushioning and shock absorption when walking on uneven surfaces.

The outsole is thickened with directional lugs for excellent grip on slippery grounds. So, whether your kids are heading to school, playing on your backyard or snow, this snow boots will provide the needed comfort needed in all their outdoor and indoor adventures.


  • Quality is great
  • Very comfortable
  • Tread is great


  • Metal heel grip may be difficult to flip

7. Merrell Hilltop Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell is a reputable company that has been around over the years. This version is leather made to offer a lasting durability on tough mountains and landscapes.

Within the shoe is a fur lining that cushions the foot, while offering the needed warmth and comfort in winter hiking. There’s also an insole to reduce the foot impact while adding on comfort when you’re hiking on rocks.

Like most hiking shoes we’ve reviewed, there are multiple ways to buckle. But what you’ll love most is the Velcro closure that is easier to adjust for custom fit.

The sole is tough rubber which is patterned to increase ground contact on all terrains. Your kid can intentionally wander or splash on mud and not complain about the foot becoming wet.


  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Water-resistant
  • Velcro strap great for kids


  • May be a bit clunky to some kids

8. Kostiko Kids Hiking Shoes

This kid hiking boot is constructed with PU synthetic leather. On top of leather is a waterproof skin-friendly lining that lets the child to play in the rain or walk on muddy trails.

The sides of the shoe are cushioned with a soft lining for more comfort while walking. But what we love most about it is the breathable sides and the comfortable footbed for overall foot support and comfort.

The outsole is flexible, sturdy and non-skid to offer your kid the needed traction on all terrains at all seasons. It is perfect for almost all outdoor occasions such as running, walking, gym, winter, spring hiking and more.

You’ll love the hook and loop buckle design that is faster to fasten or adjust when you want to take off the shoe. The shoe is roomy, lightweight but well-built. It looks great with a flattering color that kids love.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put on or take off
  • Thick sole with excellent grip


  • You need to be careful with sizing

9. Adidas Outdoor Kids Hiking Boot

We’ve all heard about Adidas while growing. It is one of the most popular models that has been in the market for the longest period.

The shoe is well-made with leather upper that does not allow water to get through. The best part is the breathable mesh lining that cools the foot in warm conditions.

For kids, the shaft is quite supportive when hiking in difficult terrains. The outsole grip is excellent as well for stability on sloppy and slipping surfaces.

You’ll love how the hiking boot is made to be lightweight and stylish. Plus, sizing is true to hold up the foot incredibly well. They’re wide and easy to wear or take off.


  • Breathable
  • Upper leather is high quality
  • Durable leather


  • May not entirely waterproof

10. Dadawen Kids Hiking Shoes

One of the features you’ll love about the hiking shoe is the soft skin-friendly lining that offers the needed comfort to feet when hiking in terribly cold conditions.

The synthetic leather hiking shoe is equipped with an EVA insole to cushion the feet and absorb shock when strolling on rugged surfaces. Your kid can walk on rocks without the fear of injury since there’s toe cap that shields the toes from sudden impacts on hard surfaces.

Dadawen does not state if they’re waterproof, but you can walk on snow, rain or mud and have the feet dry. We love the Velcro closure that are easier to adjust than ordinally laces for custom fit.

The outsole is sturdy, yet flexible with directional lugs for superior grip while jogging, walking, travelling, biking, climbing and much more. Overall, the shoe is stylish to suit a variety of occasions, dressing styles and more.


  • Sturdy
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Easy to adjust the Velcro closure


  • Moderately waterproof

Considerations When Choosing Hiking Boots or Shoes for Kids


For summer hiking, it is important to consider if there’s a ventilating system that lets the air to circulate around the child’s foot. In most cases, the breathability feature comes in form of a mesh fabric lining on the upper part of the shoe.

It reduces build up of moisture and heat that would result to sweat and bad odor. Most snow shoes are less breathable since the primary aim is to trap air that warms the feel at plummeted temperatures.


The insole and internal lining are what will determine if the kids hiking shoe is comfortable or not. Faux fur lining is the most common cushioning on kid’s shoes.

As for the outsole, it should be padded to absorb shock and impact while adding on comfort on every terrain in all your outdoor excursions. Additionally, make sure the sizing is fitting with ample space to wiggle. Remember, kid’s feet are gentle and slight discomfort may lead to blisters, hot spots, foot pain and more.


Whether you want a hiking boot for summer or winter vacations, the waterproof feature will be ineveitable. Kids are known to splash intentionally, but the membrane will prevent the socks and feet from getting soaked.

Most hiking shoes for kids are built with a waterproof membrane to wick away the moisture. However, it is important to clarify if it there as there are some models that are exclusively designed for summer hiking.

Soul Grip

The aggressiveness of traction will vary depending on whether the shoe is designed for flat trails, snow hiking and a variety of other terrains. For flat trails, the lugs are the basic tread you find in regular shoes.

When hiking on snow, the treads must be deep and widely spaced. Basically, for your child’s safety, we recommend thick treads since they will be perfect for every terrain.

Lacing System

The primary system on adult shoes are laces. For kids under eight, most hiking shoes are bucked with Velcro straps. Others are made with a combination of laces and Velcro straps.

Velcro straps are easiest to adjust than laces. Kids love this feature as they can put on the shoes or take them off without your help.

Final Thoughts

Going out with your kids is an incredibly fabulous experience. Aside from creating some fantastic memories to your kids, it’s an awesome way to enjoy the vast wildlife and everything that nature can offer.

Comfortable hiking shoes will prevent your kids from foot pain or blisters and create the best memories to reminisce several years to come. We hope you identify the best hiking shoes for kids that suits all your outdoor occasions.

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