Top 5 Best Hiking Boots Under 100 (2020 Reviews)

If you’re planning to go for a hike, owning a pair of hiking boots will be very crucial. I remember last winter when I wanted to go for hiking in North Dakota which is very cold with immense snow covering every section that I needed to tour.

I needed hiking boots to provide excellent coverage on my ankles and feet against the unfavorable weather and terrible terrains. Identifying the best boots for hiking was not a simple task because I had a limited budget so, I was looking for the best hiking boots under 100.

After analyzing the various available boots, the following stood out to be the best. Depending on your feet size and gender, you should be able to identify comfortable hiking boots for any outdoor adventure.

Best Hiking Boots Under 100 (Top 5 Reviews)

1. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge

The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge are our favorite boots for hiking and trekking. The boots are 100% leather which is tough to ensure they survive for many years. They are stylish and spacious enough for men with wide feet.

Support is amazing plus, they’re comfortable so you can trek for several miles without any discomfort. For more comfort, these hiking boots are cushioned on the inside, plus there’s also a lightweight midsole for a lasting comfort.

The leather is water resistant so it is possible to trek on snow and Iceland without allowing the water particles to get in. The lace-up closure will let you adjust the boots to a secure fit.

If you are looking forward to trek over long distances, these boots are lightweight, plus they are made with great tread for high traction grip on snow conditions and slippery surfaces.


  • Lightweight
  • breathable
  • Water resistant leather


  • No slip resistant sole

2. Populo Men’s Hiking Boots

These hiking boots are designed to suit your every outdoor activity. Whether you want to go for mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, fishing, snow clearing and dog walking, these boots will be very handy.

They are made with a high-quality synthetic leather upper for a lasting use; rubber sole for maximum traction and a massage shoe pad for optimal comfort.

These hiking boots are crafted with maximum supportive comfort, plus they’re very light to make trekking for long distance a lot easier. They even include shoe laces that are simple to adjust for custom fit.

They are a little spacious to freely move your toes or wear the shoes with winter socks. It is also simple to wipe and clean the shoes after hiking within a short time.

If you are looking for a warm pair for winter hiking, then these boots will truly be handy. Additionally, they are waterproof to keep off water and moisture in wet and winter conditions.


  • Stylish and top-quality
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and fit well


  • Not wide enough for wide feet

3. Clorts Women’s Hiking Boots

The Clorts Women’s Hiking Boots are constructed with suede leather and a water-resistant nanofiber membrane to keep off water when trekking on snow, rain and mud puddles with assurance of dry and warm feet.

The sole is really thick, sturdy and non-slip for excellent grip on a wet ground. But the most amazing part is the sturdy shoe front that keeps you protected when you bump on rocks and plants on aggressively rocky grounds.

They fit comfortably with contoured insoles providing an amazing arch support. Plus, they are roomy for orthidic so you won’t feel squished or tight.

No matter what distance your trail is, your feet will remain comfy, fresh and cool thanks to the breathable mesh upper that keeps the interior ventilated while further controlling the odor that may build up in summer months.

Although, they are pretty tough, they’re relatively light in weight to reduce on pain and feet fatigue that may arise from trailing for many days.


  • Long-lasting
  • Light in weight
  • Roomy


  • Only great for women

4. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Hiking Boot

The Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Hiking Boot are well-built with full-grain leather, suede and sturdy midsole to survive treacherous trail for many days.

Its soul is constructed with rubber for optimal traction. The tread pattern can handle every terrain such as rocks, roots, muddy, and steep rugged climbs without any feeling like your feet slipping.

The stylish boots are petty light with a superior soft cushioning, plus they’re super comfy to guarantee you no sores or blisters even after a long hiking day. The mesh tongue is designed to keep your feet cool in summer months.

The full-grain leather is completely waterproof to keep your feet dry on a rainy day and snow fall situations unless it’s fully submerged in water. Surprisingly, they clean nicely and get dry in a shorter time scale.

They are wide and spacious with plenty of room for fluffier socks. As far as style is concerned, the boots are made with a feminine style with contrasting color combinations to complement formulated compounds and every environment. 


  • Waterproof leather
  • Great tread pattern for excellent grip
  • Roomy boots


  • Best for women

5. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Hiking Boot

The Columbia Men’s Hiking Boot are sturdily constructed with Faux leather suede and a lightweight midsole for a comfortable hiking experience.

What’s great about the hiking boots is the high-grip outsole to increase your stability when trailing on rugged and slippery environments. The seam-sealed construction and the metal hardware makes the boots tough to survive rock trails, rain, muddy grounds and much more.

The fashionable boots are water resistant and dry out pretty fast even in the rain with no noticeable stain. Because the leather is waterproof, your feet will be warm for winter hiking, plus, you’ll be able to get around wet, deep and muddy puddles and still have your feet warm and dry the whole time.

Another amazing feature is the long shaft that is ankle high; and the long laces that wrap all the way to the ankles to hold up your feet well. Plus, you can choose to tie the laces loosely or tightly for a comfort and better fit. Not to mention that they’re super simple to get on and off.

The overall workmanship is above par for boots in such a lower price range considering they’re going to serve your needs in the next couple of years.


  • Super comfy and stable
  • Waterproof to keep your feet warm
  • Great long laces that wrap to the ankle


  • Not best for women

Considerations When Looking for Hiking Boots Under 100 Dollars

Durable Water-Resistant Leather

The best boots for hiking are made from full-grain, synthetic, suede, Faux, leather and much more. There are other materials you could choose from, just make sure it is popularly classic.

When choosing a hiking shoe, make sure it is labelled as waterproof because, chances are, you’ll come across wet, moisturized and muddy puddled grounds when you’re hiking.

Unless it’s immersed in water, a water-resistant leather will keep your feet dry and warm even in snow or wet environments.

Lightweight and Breathable

Lightweight boots will keep your feet comfortable and you won’t feel tired after a long day of hiking. If you are contemplating to hike in summer months, make sure the boots are made with a breathable mesh upper to constantly allow circulation of air to the interior; to keep your feet cool and fresh all along the hiking days.

Non-Slip Outsole

The best sole should let you walk on all challenging grounds with no straggle. It should let you trek on hilly grounds, muddy and wet surfaces without slipping.

When looking for a hiking boot make sure the sole is patterned with tread. The treads will provide you with excellent traction and stability on all terrains.

Long Laces

Although most boots are made with this feature, it is important to underscore their importance so they’re not overlooked. The lacing system should be placed appropriately for easy readjustment when you’re trekking. They should be easy to loosen or tighten for a comfortable fit or when you want to get the boots out.

Wrap Up

We have hiking boots for men as well as women so, make sure you consider the gender before settling for a hiking boot. In our opinion, Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge is the best hiking boot for men while Clorts Hiking Boots is our best choice for women.

Remember, hiking boots do not have to be pricy. If you’re working on a budget, it is possible to get best hiking boots under 100 dollars.

Going out for hiking should be an amazing adventure. We hope this article will help you pick the best pair of hiking boots for your next adventure.

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