Best Hiking Boots for Women with Wide Feet (2021 Reviews)

Going out for hiking is a very interesting experience. But for the hiking to be joyous, you need to make sure that every part of your body is comfortable. And the most important part are feet.

They’re the ones that support your whole body, and a slight discomfort by the feet will affect the certainly wonderful excursion. To make the day out a wonderful experience, you need to own a pair of hiking boots instead of the regular shoes.

For women with wider feet, it may be quite a challenge. It is for that reason that we decided to review the best hiking boots for women with wide feet that will enhance your comfort in strenuous hikes.

Best Hiking Boots for Women with Wide Feet in 2021

1. Danner Women’s Adrika Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Danner Women’s Adrika Waterproof Hiking Boot is our top choice for women with wider feet.  The hiking boot is 100% tough suede upper, carefully constructed with double stitched seams to survive the long days in craggy trails.

On top of the suede upper is a waterproof membrane to shield you when going through a mud pool, frozen deep snow and wet pathways.  

For ortholite user’s, the boot is comfy on the footbed with three-layer construction for additional cushioning and foot support. There’s even a rubberized EVA midsole to provide sufficient comfort and foot support; as well as a 5-inch shaft for excellent arch support.

When hiking on slippery and rugged ground, you’ll be able to walk with ease thanks to the multi-directional lugs that increase traction on tricky grounds.

They are roomy to wear with thick hiking socks without an issue, comfortable; and less heavy to wear all day without any discomfort.


  • Warm and comfy
  • Lightweight
  • Supportive sole


  • Sizing may be an issue to some users

2. Ariat Women’s Hiking Boot

This one is constructed with 100% leather for a long-life span. You can walk through deep paddles, wet sand, rocky ledges, ice-crusted trails and other terrain types and have your feet perfectly dry.

They fit incredibly with ample toe and wiggle room for women with wider feet. The padding is incredible as well so you can kiss goodbye to sore feet after a long trail.

You’ll love how the boots are designed with excellent support both on the ankle and feet without restricting the ankle flexion. Plus, they’re very comfy with no stiffness or pressure points.

They’re a bit roomier to wear with heavy socks; or an orthotic over the insert something you will not do with ordinary hiking boots. Putting on and taking off is also simple.

The only thing we don’t like about them is how they get hot in summer months, hence they’re only suitable for winter hiking.


  • Sturdy leather
  • Sizing is incredible
  • Great ankle support


  • Appearance not great to some users

3. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

The best part about these boots is the full-gain leather and suede which is handy to survive treacherous days in extensive trails. Sizing is spot on with ample space for thicker socks for women with wider feet.

For lasting trekking comfort, the hiking boot is lined with fur to keep the feet warm. Your feet will be comfortable even after trekking on rocky surfaces and you won’t feel the rocks on varied terrain thanks to the cushioned footbed.

Waterproofing is outstanding to let you cruise through the muddle paddles and deeper snow without feeling cold or wet. Besides, you can climb on mountain and walk down the steep trails and not get blisters since the boots are made to be incredibly comfy.  

Support is excellent both at foot and also at ankles. The tread is great as well to handle on most surfaces without losing traction. The entire boot is top-quality and pretty light.


  • Roomy
  • Completely waterproof
  • Great grip


  • May be pricey

4. Merrell Women’s Hiking Boot

The Merrell Women’s Hiking Boot is another amazing choice for hikers searching for reliable hiking boots. The top material is a combination of textile and 100% leather to prolong the durability of the hiking boot.

If you are looking for hiking boots for summer hiking, the Merrell Women’s Hiking Boot is the real deal.  What’s great about it is the mesh lining which increases the breathability of the hiking boot.

The footbed is comfy and actually engineered for women’s feet. Not to mention the outsole which is quite grippy to increase your stability on every terrain.

Another thing worth noting is the decent ankle and arch support. Best hiking boots for heel pain, plantar fasciitis and overall foot support because of how it is designed with plenty support.

The hike boot is true to size, but you may shop for a bigger size if you’d like them a little looser. Other than that, they’re very comfy with plenty room for toes; and very lightweight.


  • True to size
  • Excellent breathability
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Not waterproof

5. Timberland Women’s Ankle Boot

One outstanding feature about this boot is the leather upper and seam-sealed construction which reinforces its strength. We love that they’re waterproof should there be sudden rain or decide to go cross spontaneous streams.

The outsole is thick and strong not to feel the rocks beneath. Its traction is excellent as well to keep you in place on slippery surfaces. Not to forget the comfy footbed insert intended to cushion your feet when walking on rocky grounds.  

While hiking on a rugged terrain, these boots are designed with great ankle stability so there’s no pressure points, blisters, arch or ankle pain.

Another outstanding feature is the light padding at the tongue and ankle for comfort without feeling bulky. The entire boot is pretty comfy from the word go.

What’s nice about them is how they fit perfectly with hiking socks and your toes will not feel squished. Plus, they’re lightweight considering they’re solidly constructed.


  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Traction is excellent


  • Ankle cushion thick to some users

Considerations When Choosing a Hiking Boot for Women with Wide Feet


The durability of a hike boot will be determined by the upper and outsole material. It is what will determine if the boots will be breathable or lightweight.

Common materials are full-grain leather, split-grain, vegan, nubuck and suede. Of all the materials, the most durable are suede, nubuck and full-grain leather. Nonetheless, all of them are equipped with a waterproof lining to resist water penetration on a muddy or rainy day.

Unfortunately, most waterproof materials are less breathable since they’re designed for wet and dry conditions. But there are breathable materials like Merrell, that targets hikers who are looking for summer hike boot.


For the hike boot to be comfortable, the sizing should be spot on. You’re supposed to decide if the boots should be snugly of tight. With a comfy boot, you can have a full day of hiking and have no issues like your feet hurting.

For orthotic, the hike boots should be roomier to give your toes sufficient room to wiggle as well as adequate space for socks.

Adequate Foot Support

One important feature worth noting is the shaft length. Its function is to provide sufficient ankle and arch support. For people with high arches, make sure the hike boot is crafted with a good arch support.

The midsole will also determine if the hike boot will be supportive or not. The most common material are EVA and polyurethane. Its purpose is to cushion your feet and provide ample foot support when hiking in challenging environment.

On top of that, make sure the tread is incredible to boost your balance when hiking or steep slopes and slippery conditions.

Type of Hiking Boot

When looking for a hiking boot, it is important to consider if you want a summer or winter hike boot. For summer hiking, the hike boot must be breathable to wear all day without getting hot.

A winter hike boot must be cushioned, waterproof and insulated. Insulated boots are made with multiple layers to cushion the feet well. The purpose of insulation is to trap heat that warms your foot at freezing or cold temperatures like Northern Michigan fall.

Final Thoughts

Your hiking experience will be determined by the comfort of the hiking boots. Whether you want to go out for a short walk or strenuous hike in the woods, you need to make sure your feet are cushioned and well supported.

For women, it is important the sizing is fitting especially if your foot is wide. We hope this article helps you identify the best hiking boots for women with wide feet that suits your outdoor adventures.

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