Top 5 Best Hiking Boots for Flat Feet: Men and Women (2021 Reviews)

Flat feet have no arches; and if it is there then it is very low. Most people with flat feet have no issues, while others will experience some discomfort after walking for a while.

That’s why people with flat feet should look for a supportive hiking boot to compensate for those arches. The best hiking boots for flat feet is designed to distribute your overall weight across your legs and feet to alleviate pain and discomfort; a function provided by arches when you’re walking.

Hiking should be a joyous experience; and nothing should stop you from having a thrilling adventure if you invest in the right gears. Ready? There we go.

Top Hiking Boots for Flat Feet in 2021

1. Hi-Tec Men’s Logan Waterproof Boot

The Hi-Tec Men’s Logan Waterproof Boot is undeniably our best hiking boot for men with flat feet. The upper material is fabric and 100% leather to prolong and boost the boots lifespan.

This material is water repellant to keep your feet comfortably dry even after going through some muddy trails. They’re fairly warm on winter but incredibly breathable.

You’ll love the shaft which is quite high- 4.5-inches from the arch- to provide sufficient support to the ankles when walking on complicated trails. There’s also a molded midsole to cushion your feet when walking on a rocky floor.

What we love most about the boot is the aggressive tread that lets you trek on snow, slippery and sloppy trails without slipping. Surprisingly, they’re also super lightweight when compared to most hike boots.

It is roomy with ample space for socks. Plus, the entire boot is nice-looking, well-constructed, pretty affordable with an amazing lace setup.


  • Comfortable
  • Adequate ankle support
  • Tread is great


  • Waterproofing is moderate

2. Oboz Men’s Bridger Hiking Boot

This one is a nice nubuck leather boot with a waterproof lining for puddles and snowy trails. Looking at the o fit insole, it is easy to tell that the hike boot is designed to position your foot in a stable neutral position. The High-density insole will provide unmatched foot stability and support while absorbing shock on uneven terrains.

The outsole is customized with lugs to deliver precise stability on all terrains; as well as a firmly seated heel for perfect stability. There’s even a nylon shank to provide additional support between the fore foot and heel.

Our favorite feature is the outsole which is built for optimal protection and support such that, you can walk without socks and not feel the roots and rocks underneath.

Combining the boot height, the excellent ankle support and lacing system, your ankle will not feel fatigued when hiking through a variety of obstacles. The boot is comfy with a wide toe box for men with wider feet.


  • Waterproof
  • Great tread pattern
  • Awesome ankle support


  • May be snug for narrow feet

3. Timberland Women’s White Ledge Boot

Constructed with leather, the Timberland model is our favorite model for women with flat feet. The quality is great with a waterproof membrane to hike on all trail conditions.

Despite the waterproof feature, your feet will be warm and incredibly comfortable. Plus, you won’t sweat even on humid conditions since the leather is breathable.

What will amaze you is the fully gusseted tongue that keeps off the debris while enhancing on comfort. Not to mention the cushioned footbed for extra foot stability and comfort.

For women with wide and flat feet, it fits precisely without squishing the toes and with ample space for socks. Ankle support is amazing as well, thanks to the high shaft.

The rubber outsole is thick with excellent multi-directional grip for optimal traction. Plus, it is incredibly light considering how it is solidly constructed.  


  • Solid boot
  • It is waterproof
  • Lightweight


  • Wide for narrow feet

4. Forsake Patch Women Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Forsake patch is constructed with leather for a lasting use in all adventures. The material is designed to keep off water and moisture while remaining warm for winter hiking. It is breathable to cool your feet and alleviate unnecessary sweating on warmer weather.

You’ll love how the outsole is designed with inner directional lugs that provide traction on loose ground and wider out lugs for stability and grip on compacted surfaces.

A composite shank is added for optimal support on uneven trails; as well as a comfortable footbed for everyday comfort on rugged grounds. As for sizing, it fits well even for women with wide feet

What sets the boot out is the gusseted tongues and the taped seams that make trekking on slush, snow and any other terrain a lot easier. Overall, it is lightweight, easy to maintain and very stylish. 


  • Supportive
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Phenomenal traction


  • We wish the laces were a bit sturdy

5. Vasque Men’s Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Vasque Men’s Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot is designed with the highest standards while embracing the innovative technology to prolong the boots lifespan.

Constructed with 100% leather, the boot is designed to be comfortable, keeping the feet warm when hiking on ice and colder temperatures. The upper part does not allow water to slip throught even when you’re walking on mud or bogs.

Comparing the boots with others we’ve reviewed; this one is the tallest with a 6-inch shaft to offer adequate support to ankle in extreme hiking.

Because ice is slippery, the synthetic sole is made with directional lugs to offer amazing traction on damp surfaces and slippery rocks. This outsole is thick to cushion your feet when you bump on rocks, plus you won’t feel the impact when walking on an uneven surface.

The reason why we love the boots is they’re well-made but very lightweight for strenuous hikes. The lacing system is super quick as well as putting on and taking off.


  • Very comfortable
  • Thick outsole
  • Lightweight


  • May not be good for very wide feet

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hike Boot for Flat Feet

Comfy and Adequate Foot Support

Almost every model is sold with an insole. For people this flat foot, the insole should have a greater cushioning to absorb shock and impact.

The absence of arch means you need plenty of foot support to minimize the pressure exerted after trekking for several hours. For that reason, it should be made in such a way that your overall weight is well distributed as you walk.

Also, if you’re contemplating to trek on terrible pathways, you’ll need plenty support around the ankles. A long shaft (4-inches on average) will be inevitable for longest trails.

Outsole Grip

For the hike boot to give you an optimal grip, you need to make sure the directional lugs are deep and a little firmer. The outsole as well should be overall durable for the lugs to be lifelong.

A heel (about 1-2-inches) will also play a role in enhancing foot support than a flat boot. It locks the foot to increase body stability especially on sloppy landscapes. 


Hiking boots are typically pricey therefore, make sure you choose a boot that gives you the greatest value for money. The upper material and the outsole should help you make a sober decision.

To know the longevity of a hike boot, you can look at customer reviews to see what customers are saying. Unquestionable upper materials are Nubuck and full-grain leather. As for the outsole, make sure it is tough rubber with aggressive directional lugs.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right hiking boot that suits yours foot is very important for strenuous hiking. For people with flat feet, you need to look beyond the looks or price and place your focus on a footwear that alleviates pain and discomfort vulnerable to people with flat feet.

With that in mind, we hope his article helps you shop for the best hiking boots for flat feet to make your outdoor adventure a fabulous experience.

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