Top 6 Best Drill Bits for Concrete (2020 Reviews)

Whether you want to drill on wood, plastic, aluminum, or any other kind of surface- acquisition of drill bits will be inevitable. The challenge arises when you want to create holes on a tough surface like concrete slab, hard rock or tile because you’ll require a totally solid drill bit with the ability to survive the hard surface.

If you want the process to be fast and to deliver smooth and straight drills, then there’ll be no short cut apart from investing on drill bits that are precisely designed for concretes and hard surfaces.

The best drill bits for concrete and masonry is made in such a way that it can penetrate reinforced concretes and high impact applications smoothly and easily. Besides, it does not show any sign of wear even after working for long durations. Here, we’ll take a look at the best six that will make your drilling a wonderful experience. 

Best Drill Bits for Concrete in 2020

1. Bosch Drill Bit Set

Bosch has been a reputable company for a while in the production of all types of drill bits. Their masonry drill bits are sturdily constructed with a carbide tip to stand firm against tough, hard and other resistant surfaces. It last long even after working on high impact applications and heavy loads.

The bits are made with special wear marks to signal to you when the tips are worn out beyond levels as specified by ANSI.

It is made with a flute design to withstand any stress and prevent the bit from overheating under high impact loads. The centric tip allows you to start drilling quickly and ensures the holes are as round as possible.

We love the versatility of the package since the set includes 7-pieces of varying length and width to handle a variety of drilling applications ranging from block, brick, concrete and much more

All the pieces are packed in a resilient carrying case for easy organizing, access, storage and movement to a working environment.


  • Strong carbide tip
  • 7-versatile pieces
  • Flute design to minimize stress


  • May be pricey to some users

2. COMOWARE Drill Bits Set for Concrete

The COMOWARE Drill Bits are made to last because these pieces comprise of a carbide steel body and YG8 carbide tip. The head is strong to withstand any impact on all applications.

The shank is made to precisely fit in most rotary hammer drills. Plus, it fits firmly and nicely to make your drilling work on concrete a breeze.

The package contains 13-pieces of drill bits of varying lengths and diameters to suit all your drilling needs. Accompanying the drill bits also are SDS chisels that works amazingly with electric hammer drills to strike holes for wall and brick, chisel groove & cut as well as concrete.

The storage case is great as well, so organizing, storing, transporting and maintaining the drill bits will be pretty easy.


  • Robust drill bits
  • 13-pieces of drill bits
  • Great storing case


  • Expensive when compared to other packages

3. WORKPRO Drill Bit Set

The package comprises of 8-pieces of different widths and lengths to fit all your working needs. The size is engraved on the end of each bit, so you’ll be able to select the size you want to work with.

The carbide tip heads are solid, hard and long-lasting to withstand all the heavy work they’re exposed to. This tip is made with an optimized design to penetrate easily and for rounder holes.

Each drill bit is made with a flute-shaped design which is deeper and wider to eject waste as you drill for a wonderful drilling experience. They fit well on the drill and are simple to clean when you’re done.

The best thing about these masonry drill bits is that they’re compatible with all chunks of popular rotary hammer drill brands that also manufacture drills for masonry, stone, brick and concrete like MAKITA, BOSCH, Milwaukee, and Dewalt. They also work well with porter cable drill guns.

The carrying case is also a great plus to keep your bits well organized for easy access and storage. It locks tight, plus, it holds up really well in your tool box.


  • Compatible with all hammer drill
  • Differently sized bits
  • Sturdy bits


  • Pricier to some users

4. Makita Drill Bit Set

The Makita drill bits are made to survive any kind of stress that may arise from demanding use. Fixing the bits on the drill machine is easy, plus they slide easily in the chunk to get your work started.

The package includes 5-pieces of all sizes you’ll need to perform all your drilling tasks. These pieces are resilient and do not show any sign of wear even after working on several holes in fortified concretes.

If you’re looking to perform some plumbing tasks on concrete walls, then these bits will surpass your expectations. They drill fast and smoothly since the bits are made with a flute-shape design to eliminate wastes as you drill; and an optimized tip for great rounded holes.

Tungsten Carbide and steel tips are popular for long life. The tips are strong to pierce through all types of concretes that range from cinder block, tile, and all masonry projects.

Because they’re resilient, these drill bits excel well in construction industries and general contractors who are looking for reliable drill bits for sturdy anchoring holes.


  • Solidly built
  • Flute design removes wastes


  • We wish they were more pieces

5. Bosch Masonry Trade Bit Set

The Bosch Masonry Trade Bit Set contains the right quantity of drill bits to handle all your working applications. Within the box are 4 different sizes of bits each with a flute of 4-inches and a shaft of 6-inches. Also included are one flat chisel and a single piece of pointed chisel both with a length of 6-inches.

The carbide tip is great in quality and will not break or wear out when you’re hammering into reinforced concretes. Each or these bits is made with a centric tip for rounder holes.

The drill bits are of the right size and they fit accurately in the chunk. Because they’re straight, they create straight-accurate holes that are smooth and clean, thanks to the flute-design that rids off the debris as you cut.

The flute-design also minimizes bit stress and prevent it from heating up when penetrating on hard stones, tile and concrete. Heating up would cause the bits to wear out reducing their operating life.

You’ll be pleased by the case that is strong and nicely constructed to let you access and pick the right bit whether at home or away.


  • Strong
  • Cuts clean and fast
  • 4-different drilling bits


  • Chisel tips are short

6. Dewalt DW5204 Masonry Drill Bit Set

Dewalt is another reputable brand that has been in the market for quite a long time. The Dewalt DW5204 which is one of the drill bits manufactured by the company is precisely built if you want to cut holes of small diameter on rocks, masonry and concretes.

The rock carbide tip reinforces the strength of the tip and its ability to work even on fortified concretes in the longest periods. This tip is optimized for accuracy, plus, it’s innovatively created to minimize walking.

Because its strong, the tip does not lose its sharpness even after working on heavy loads. This means a single piece of bit can work on several projects without wearing out.

You’ll love the flats designed on the shank that maintains the bit within the shank and prevent it from sliding accidentally.

The box contains 4-pieces of flute-design. This design releases the debris as you cut for a fast and wonderful drilling experience. This prevents the bit from jamming and binding. This package is the most affordable if you want to cut on budget.


  • Carbide tip is durable
  • Flute design removes waste for smooth drilling
  • Optimized tip creates straight and precise holes


  • Only 4-pieces of drill bits

How to Choose the Best Masonry Drill Bits

Carbide Tip

A rock carbide material is the most resilient for hard surfaces. The tungsten carbide drill bits are versatile and pierces materials like hardened steel, metal, stainless steel as well as concrete slab with no issue.

This material has the ability to survive tons of heavy loads and incessant drills on the tough surfaces without showing any sign of exhaustion. Surprisingly, they don’t get blunt easily and can work for long periods without calling for re-sharpening.

Flute Design

The flute makes the bits tolerant to stress and cools the bits as you drill to avert the risk of heating up.  The flute-shaped design is also deeper and wider to release waste as you drill to make your holes clean and your work fast for a fantastic drilling experience.

Accumulated waste can make your drill bits to jam or get destroyed which could derail you as you may be compelled to replace the bits or to use a different tool like chisel to loosen up the debris.

Versatile Drill Bits

The best package should contain several pieces of versatile drill bits. Most sets contain at least four pieces that vary in height and width. The size of each piece is printed on the edge of each bit.

The different sizes allow you to drill holes of varying diameters and length depending on the task at hand. And, you can easily switch between the pieces by loosening the bits from the chunk and replacing with your desired size.

Final Thoughts

With new brands emerging on a daily basis, there’s a reason to be careful especially if you’re running a drilling or plumbing business. Remember uneven and ugly drills will hurt your reputation and subsequently your business.

Even if you’re making some holes at home, you’ll still need to create something fantastic that everyone will admire.

The best drill bits for concrete are supposed to be robust, fast, reliable and long lasting. If you’ve been constantly frustrated in the past, there’s now a reason to enjoy with these masonry drill bits that are proven to work as they are supposed to.

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