Top 4 Best Chainsaws for Milling (2020 Reviews)

When looking for the best chainsaws for milling, you need to do your homework thoroughly especially if you’re going to engage yourself in a busy milling enterprise. Unfortunately, that’s one of the hardest process if you happen to interrogate any serious woodworker.

Today, there are tons of chainsaw models, but most of them will only do the average pruning work. Fortunately, we were able to settle on a few models that are sure to work well with zero or minimal issues. Below is a detailed review of top chainsaws for lumber milling.

Best Chainsaws for Milling in 2020

1. Husqvarna 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw

If you are looking for a heavy-duty chainsaw, the Husqvarna 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw could be the answer for all your woodcutting and milling needs. This one is a 55.5 CC chainsaw with ample power to work fast and handle every task that need to be pursued.

The biggest selling point is the intertie activated brake for the user’s safety when you’re working, by locking the chain in case of human error. The break and every other part are made to be very solid.

Automatic chain oiler is reliable and it never stops delivering to the chain and bar for effective use. It is even equipped with an air filter so the chainsaw can run on clean air.

The chainsaw starts easily with a first or second pull, plus, it comes with a bar cover which is simple to remove and fit as need arises. The whole chainsaw is not overly bulky to relocate to other places.

It comes assembled, though you may need to do some little chain adjustment. Fortunately, the chain tensioning system is mounted on the side to make chain adjustment a breeze even when you’re working.


  • Starts super easily
  • Abundant working power
  • Super sharp chain
  • Solid chainsaw


  • Not light to some users

2. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is a gas-powered chainsaw. It is a robust tool with a 24-inch bar to handle jobs such a milling that require a longer bar. The blades are a little big to handle bigger jobs with less hassle.

The 60.3 cc chainsaw is made with adequate power for milling and other woodcut jobs. But one outstanding feature is how the chainsaw is well balanced to make operation a lot easier.

It comes equipped with a 2-cycle fuel tank which is efficient for average to bigger tasks. Not to mention the X-Torq that saves on gas while minimizing emissions.

You’ll love the chain brake that prevents unnecessary accidents when you’re working. Plus, it works with less vibration thanks to the anti-vibration system that improves the work environment.

The good news is that the chainsaw is simple to start with only a little adjustment to do. It is also lighter with a slim body when compared to other models on the same price range. The quality is outstanding as well and replacement parts are readily available.


  • Powerful chainsaw
  • Lightweight
  • Chainsaw weight is well balanced


  • Oil for chain and bar is sold separately

3. Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw

Our third best chainsaw for milling is the Husqvarna model which has been very reputable for reliable delivery over the years. From the bar, gas tank to the housing – every part of the chainsaw is top-quality.

What we love most about it the 24-inch long bar that makes the chainsaw robust for lumber milling. With the anti-vibration technology, you’ll be able to cut for long hours. But the most amazing part is its capability to run on a small 18-inch bar for small tasks as well as 24-inch bar for heavier jobs.

The power capability of this chainsaw is unbeatable. Because of this, it can cut every staff that other models on a lower price range will not handle.

It starts pretty fast on a first pull. Not to mention the safety control which is made to be outstanding by having a 2-cycle engine with a chain brake which inertially activated in the event of unnecessary mistakes when you’re milling.

You’ll love the automatic chain oiler which is intuitively placed to deliver to the chain and bar to enhance effectiveness and user’s safety. There’s even an air filter which is simple to replace and clean as need arises.


  • Easy to start
  • Outstanding quality
  • Chainsaw is safe


  • Heavier to some users, but bearable

4. Echo Chainsaw

The Echo brand is a little lightweight than Husqvarna to relocate with less hassle. This chainsaw is ergonomically designed, so it is simple to handle and operate even by novice users.

The 40.2 CC engine is simple start, plus it is made with enough power to deliver in hardwoods as well as lumber milling with less difficulty. The chainsaw is made with a gas tank to run on non-ethanol gas. The running is clean with no virtually emitted smoke.

Looking at quality, the plastic frame and the metal handle are designed to be pretty solid. The handle is coated with rubber instead of foam for shock insulation, and it is not vulnerable to peeling. Besides, the entire chainsaw is well-built to last you for several years.

The chain is simple to adjust with clearly laid instructions if you’re a new user. As for maintenance, the chainsaw is hassle free with automatic oiler to improve user’s comfort and prolong its operating life.

It has an air filter to clean the air before it enters the engine. This air filter is well placed for easy access and replacement. Plus, it is simple to clean and can be cleaned for several times without getting damaged.


  • Lightweight
  • Reliable engine
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not very powerful

How to Choose the Best Chainsaw for Lumber Milling

Bar Length

There are models with 18-inch of bar length, 20, 27-inches and more. Note though that versions with longer length will always tend to be pricier. But because this is a crucial factor for milling chainsaws, you should be ready to part away with hefty dollars if you’re serious.

For milling purposes, you’ll need a bar length of 18-inches and above. The longer the bar length, the better the model. However, longer bar models are rare and you may be compelled to settle for the available size.

Automatic Oiling System

Another factor to influence your decision is the oiling system. Make sure the process is automated to reduce your maintenance effort.

Remember to monitor the oil levels especially if you’re running a gas-powered chainsaw. They’re notorious at getting troublesome if they’re not properly oiled.


The best milling chainsaw should handle everything you throw at it. There is no way you should settle for underpower models if you contemplate to cut those hardwood limbs like butter.

Power should be plenty to speed up the milling process. For good results, a chainsaw with 2HP motor power, and 50 cc engine will suffice in milling tasks.

Chain Brake

To avert unnecessary accidents, the chain should be made to lock itself in the event of unnecessary human mistakes when you’re working. Most chainsaws are equipped with this feature, just make sure the process is flawless.


Most pricey models will be typically heavy. However, we have pricey models with slimmer body which are more convenient if you intend to relocate the chainsaw quite often. Only make sure it is stable with equally distributed weight.

For lightweight models, make sure the chainsaw is sturdy as most of them may not be up to standard. However, we’d still recommend the bearable heavy models to minimize vibrations that may interrupt the working accuracy.

Easy Starts

The best way to know the simplicity of start ups is to take a look at customers reviews. In the process, you’ll come across models that start on a single pull while others will do with a second or third pull on extreme cold conditions. Any chainsaw that does not start by up to a third pull should not be on your favorite choice list.


If you are looking start a lumber milling business, you need to choose from one of the best chainsaws for milling that are highly recommended by experts. It doesn’t mean they’re flawless, but the less frustrations you’ll likely to encounter will most likely be bearable.

Woodworking is enjoyable especially if you’re an enthusiast. We hope you identify the best milling chainsaw that will make lumber milling a wonderful experience.

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