Top 5 Best Chainsaws for Firewood (2021 Reviews)

Perhaps you’re looking for a chainsaw to cut firewood or trim trees in your backyard. Or you’ll looking for a chainsaw to cut trees in your Christmas tree farm. Whatever the reason it may be, you’ll need to be very diligent.

These days, there are hundreds of models and knowing the best chainsaw is a hard nut to crack whether you’re a pro or novice user. That’s why we compiled the list of the best chainsaws for firewood to make the work easy for you. With these chainsaws, you’ll be able to cut firewood, pretty quickly with utmost efficiency.

Best Chainsaws for Firewood

1. Dewalt Dccs620p1 Cordless Chainsaw

The Dewalt Dccs620p1 is our favorite chainsaw for cutting firewood. What we love most about this chainsaw is how quiet it runs when compared to gas chainsaws.

The 12-inch blade can bring down a tree with a diameter of 10-inches which is the average diameter in small trees on most home yards. The chainsaw is equally balanced such that you can easily control with one hand.

You’ll love the safety clutch that stops the blade in the event of an accident like the chainsaw dropping. Not to mention the ergonomic handle that makes controlling the chainsaw a lot easier.

The cordless chainsaw runs on battery, but what you’ll love about it is that the battery power capacity is enough to work for several hours without swapping.  

Adjusting the bar is straightforward with the tightening knob even by new users. The chainsaw is lightweight and super easy to operate.


  • Quiet
  • Batteries last long
  • Lightweight


  • May not be as powerful as gas chainsaw

2. Husqvarna Rancher Gas Chainsaw

One outstanding feature we love about this model is its immense power which is great to handle everything you throw at it. The 55.5cc gas chainsaw is heavy-duty as well when compared to cordless chainsaws.

The 20-inch bar cuts precisely and pretty fast. But what you appreciate most is the intertie chain brake that blocks the chain from moving when you hit an obstacle to avert unnecessary accidents.

You’ll love the automated chain oiler that steadily supplies oil to the chain and bar to enhance the chainsaw efficiency and safety. it even comes with a cover that is simple to remove when you want to clean the clogged wood clips and debris.

We love the chain tensioning system that is mounted on the side to make adjustment of chain a lot easier. Starting and controlling the chainsaw is straightforward as well even to novice users.


  • Ample power
  • Starting the engine is easy
  • Heavy-duty


  • May be heavy to some users

3. Worx Wg322 Cordless Chainsaw

The Worx Wg322 is an affordable chainsaw for those working on a limited budget. It run on batteries so there’s no fuss and muss about gas or cord.

The best thing is that one battery will suffice in lighter tasks but you can acquire a second battery for extensive jobs. The 20-V cordless chainsaw is pretty fast and incredibly powerful for a chainsaw in the lower price range.

It features an auto chain tension system that maintains the correct cutting tension. But the best part is the auto lubricator system that supplies oil to the chain for efficient cuts while prolonging the tool’s lifespan.

Unlike the gas chainsaws, this one is compact. It weighs less, only 6.2 lbs so you’re able to work with minimal strain on arms, hands, legs and back for a lengthy period.

The chainsaw is equipped with a knob that lets you adjust the chain. What’s more, putting the chain as well as adjusting is super easy with the knob. Plus, it is simple to set up and start using.


  • Super-lightweight
  • Batteries last long
  • The chainsaw is well-balanced


  • You may need a second battery for heavy jobs

4. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw

The Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw is one of the reliable models that has been in the market over the years. Unlike our previous cordless review, this one is powered by a 40V lithium battery. The battery last long and get fully recharged within a shorter time scale.

The 12-inch chainsaw is built with wrap around handle for easy handling when you want to cut firewood or trim trees at multiple positions and angles.

The bar and chain tensioning system is tool-less for ease of use and optimal cutting performance. The overall chainsaw is lightweight and stable.

Basic duties such as tightening the chain when it comes off is simplified by the presence of the dial knob and it’s very straightforward.

Like other popular models we’ve reviewed, this one is equipped with an auto oiler system that furnish oil to the bar and chain for optimal use and tools lifespan. The good thing is that the oil tank is translucent to help you monitor the oil level. 


  • Great quality
  • Plenty power
  • Enough weight without feeling bulky


  • Less powerful than gas chainsaw

5. Attempting Gasoline Powered Chainsaw

If you’re looking for an affordable gas chainsaw, the Attempting model is superbly a great deal. What you’ll love about the 20-inch bar chainsaw is the 58CC engine which translates to incredible power and high performance.

The handheld chainsaw is designed with a safety feature that prevents the tool from accidental switching for the user’s safety. There’s even an anti-vibration handle that makes the machine simple to control.

We love the ergonomic handle that’s designed with a rubberized handle to cushion your hands from bruises. The ergonomic design makes the chainsaw comfy and well-balanced.

Unlike the cordless models, the gasoline chainsaw is built with low kickback chain and bar for easy starts in every weather condition. With the pull cord and knob, you can start the machine with less pull cords even in bad weather conditions.

There’s also an oiler system that automatically lubricates the chain and bar for the tool’s life. The chainsaw is lightweight with a small frame to easily maneuver around trees.


  • Starts easily even in bad weather conditions
  • Blades are powerful and effective
  • Small frame makes the tool portable


  • May be a little heavy to some user’s

How to Choose a Chainsaw for Firewood Cutting

Battery Vs Gas Vs Corded-Chainsaw

Battered-powered chainsaws are run by the use of batteries. They’re less noisy although the power output is less when compared to gasoline chainsaws. In these models, there’s no need of gas. You only need to recharge the battery once it is drained.

Gasoline chainsaws are very powerful.  For that reason, it cuts smoothly and pretty quick. Here, you’ll be required to load the tank with gasoline for the chainsaw to function. Unfortunately, they’re noisy, heavier and incredibly pricy than other versions. You’ll also need to service the filter quite often to prolong its working life.

For a corded version, you’ll need to connect the chainsaw to a power socket. What we don’t like about them is the need of a long cord that limits its mobility within a confined area; and its slower cutting speed. Additionally, you’ll not be able to maneuver around trees with the long cord that is likely to be tangled by falling trees. However, it weighs less and is quietest than gas-powered chainsaw.

Bar Length

The length of bar will be determined by the diameter of trees you’ll planning to cut. Make sure the bar length is 2-inches longer than the thickness of the limb you’re aiming to cut.

For firewood purposes, we recommend a bar length that’s between 16 and 20-inches. You may go for a longer length for commercial tasks, but we don’t advice on that unless you’re contemplating to use the chainsaw for lumbar milling.  

Ergonomic Handle

If the chainsaw is designed with an awkward handle, you’ll have difficulties cutting logs in multiple positions and at specific angles. To do the job properly, all the fingers must align properly on the handle for a comfy grip without straining the joints.

You need to make sure the handle is cushioned with rubber so you’re able to grip the handle with comfort. Remember, you may be handling the machine for longer durations and if the handle is rough, you may develop some bruises.


In the US according to Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 27,000 accidents are experienced every year from improper use of these tools.

For that reason, it is important to ensure the chainsaw is equipped with safety guards to avert unnecessary accidents. Nowadays, most manufacturers are including a chain brake that blocks the chainsaw from spinning when the chainsaw drops; or something unexpected happens to the chainsaw when you’re working.

Wrap Up

Husqvarna Rancher Gas Chainsaw is our best chainsaw for firewood cutting. What we love about it is the plenty power derived from the 55.5cc engine; and the 20-inch bar which will undeniably handle any tree diameter you’d want to cut.

Nevertheless, we hope the information therein helps you make the right choice so you can enjoy trimming tree, cutting firewood or felling trees as I do.

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