Ariens vs Husqvarna Snow Blowers: Which is Better

Ariens and Husqvarna are both giant manufacturers in a lot of machineries and equipment’s, but their most popular are the snow blowers. Their products seem to cause confusion and controversy among users who are not able to tell the difference between the two brands.

If you’re wondering which company manufactures better products with special focus on Ariens vs Husqvarna snow blowers, then read on. 

Similarities Between Ariens and Husqvarna Snow Blowers

Track vs Wheeled

Both companies have track drive as well as wheeled models leaving you with lots of options at disposal. Tracked models helps you maneuver with ease on steep slopes where wheeled models would find difficult. Below are best tracked model by Ariens and Husqvarna:

Tracked Drive Models: Best for Steep Slopes

Ariens Professional Rapidtrak

For wheeled models there are wide range of options in the single-stage and two-stage. Single-stage versions are best for small driveways while two-stage are great choices for large driveways. 

Classic examples which happen to be best choices in our opinion in the single-stage group are Ariens professional 21 SSRC by Ariens and Husqvarna ST151 by Husqvarna.

If you are looking for a wheeled snow blower for large driveway, we recommend the following models:

Wheeled Models: Best for Large Driveway

We also have three-stage models which are almost the same as stage-two snow blowers. Only difference is that they’re a bit powerful.

Engine Specs: Like cut width, the specs of the engine will also be different, ranging from 208cc to 420cc depending on model. Classic examples are Husqvarna ST224P (208cc) and Ariens Professional Snow Blower which is equipped with a 420cc engine. Your choice of engine capacity will depend on amount of snow to clear, thickness of snow and terrain.

Cut Width: Cut width differs from series to series. In both cases, work width varies from 21-inch in single-stage models to up to 30-inch and beyond in two-stage snow blowers.

Price Difference: The price difference is pretty comparable in both companies. The single-stage models are way cheaper when compared to two-stage snow blowers. However, price will vary from series to series depending on the capability of the engine, cut width and presence of other features.

Warranty: Depending on the model that you choose, warranty period can be 2, 3 up to 5-years. Each product is covered against faulty workmanship, damage, replacements and repair of parts; and much more.

Differences Between Ariens and Husqvarna Snow Blowers

The only difference between the two brands is number of series provided by each company. Husqvarna have up to ten models categorized into 4-series to match the needs of homeowners and commercial users. For Ariens, the several models are grouped into 9-series. Let’s look at the different series manufactured by the two companies.

Husqvarna Snow Blowers

Husqvarna as a company has been in the market for a while producing other products before it started manufacturing snow blowers for people in terrible snow conditions. Their different series include:

100 Series

The 100 series is a compact version ideal for homeowners who are looking for efficient ways to clear snow in home driveways and sidewalks instead of the traditional shovel.

The snow blowers in this category have a working width of between 21 and 24-inches. They are simple to use and maneuver well on flat, narrow grounds and hard terrains.

200 Series

These ones are quite bigger with higher-performing power than the 100 series. Machines in this class contain a clearing width that range from 24, 27 and 30-inches; making them ideal for homeowners who are looking for a powerful machine for large driveways.

They’re made with an electric starter to start without problems even in great cold conditions with heavy snowfalls. Most of them are made with heated grips and LED headlights to make clearing at night a lot easier.

300 Series

The 300 Series is ideal where the whole place is covered with snow. They’re super powerful to clear intense snow in large areas and large driveways. Clearing width varies between 24 and 30-inches.

Electric starter lets the machine starts easily and quickly in enormous winter conditions. And for ultimate user experience, these models encompass heated grips and LED lights for maximum productivity at night.

400 Series

400 series are the most powerful of all their models which make them to be excellent options for people who want to run commercial snow clearing business in large driveways of up to 30-inches.

Their main features include world-class electric starter, powerful engine, heated handles, long-lasting all-steel user control panel, LED headlights and great track treads for maximum traction on the slippery snow ground.

Ariens Snow Blowers

Ariens are dubbed “The King of Snow”. That’s probably because they’ve produced a great deal of snow blowers since they started operating in the 1960s. Ariens Deluxe and Ariens Compact are the most popular although there are lots of models that are classified into the following 9-series.

Path Pro

The Path Pro is a compact unit, yet powerful enough to clear not less than 9-inch of snow while casting at a distance of 35-feet. Perfect for driveways and pathways as wide as 20-inches. Models in this group are simple to maneuver and are pretty affordable.

Professional 21

The Professional 21 are small but powerful models to clear heavy snow in small and medium driveways. Models in this class are simple to use and store because of their compact design.


Classic versions are slightly powerful than Professional 21. They work well on lighter snowfalls, so they’re great choices for home and residentials owners who are looking to work on small to medium driveways.


RapidTrak is made with adjustable wheel settings to be suitable in all snow conditions. Its adjustable wheel makes the machine to maneuver easily and to maintain a constant superior traction when clearing thick tons of snow on hilly, flat and slippery driveways quickly and effortlessly.

Compact 24

The clearing width of models in this category ranges from 20 to 24 inches to be perfect in small, medium as well as large driveways. They’re powerful since they can cast snow up to a distance of 40-feet clearing tons of snow depending of the models.

Main features like electric starter, the chute and the large tires makes the machine a no-nonsense unit for slippery grounds as well as extreme cold conditions.

Deluxe 30

The Deluxe Series is a strong machine to blow accumulated snow as far as 50-inches away. Clearing length varies between 24 and 30-inches and depending on model, the Deluxe 30 can clear not less than 72 tons of snow per hour.

Its zero-turn design accompanied by the large impeller and grippy tires makes the unit a beast in slippery snow conditions.

Platinum 30

This one is an excellent investment for residential and commercial snow blowing business. Looking at the features such as the large impeller, 20-30-inch of clearing width, heated handgrips, high-housing height, the high work rate and the zero-turn design, it’s easy to tell that this unit will excel in heavy and wet snowfalls conditions.

Track 28 Hydro

Versions in this grouping will survive any type of terrain whether it’s slippery, icy, steep and hilly. These models do not lose grip to ensure uninterrupted and speedy removal of snow.

With powerful engines between 208 and 420cc, high-performance impeller and adjustable hydro drive, these units will perform well in heavy snow falls.


The Professional series is top-class, suitable both for professionals and homeowners. The work-rate is on another level since these versions can clear a width of between 28 and 36-inches at the rate of up to 102 tons per hour while casting snow as far as 60-feet away from driveways.

This category is pricey but powerful with engines as strong as 420cc to power up the machine in thick snow and on any type of terrain.

So, Which is Better: Ariens vs Husqvarna Snow Blowers

When looking for a snow blower, our focus is usually on the power of engine, the clearing width, overall quality, and the ultimate driver’s experience.

In our opinion, the Husqvarna brand stands out to be a better choice in terms of engine capabilities, and user’s comfort. Users who have used Husqvarna versions confirm that its snow throwing capabilities are unsurpassed. Also, most of their parts are high-quality, long-lasting and very reliable. Shipping and delivery is also smooth as well and it’s unlikely the product will get damaged when it’s shipped.

With Ariens, there have been a lot of complains recently on shipping issues, most customers receiving items with damaged parts. Fortunately, all products are apparently covered, so there’s no need to be skeptical. Aside from the few predicaments, their products are also great if you’re diligent.

Final Thoughts

From our analysis, you can see that both companies are well-respected in the production of myriad models over the years.

And like any other product, both of their products have their own weakness so it’s possible to find some people preferring Ariens while others will prefer the latter for valid reasons.

Now that you’re acquainted with their different series, the best thing to do is to factor in your terrain, size of driveway, amount of snow to be cleared and purpose if it’s home or commercial use. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of the kind of model that you need.

There are compact as well as advanced models, so it’s possible to find one that match all your needs. Let me know what experience you had with the kind of model you used in the comment section.

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