Ariens Snow Blower Reviews (The Top 4 in 2020)

Ariens Snow Blower

Ariens is christened “The King of Snow” for their popularity in producing tons of snow-blowers since the 1960s. Their most popular models are Ariens Deluxe, Ariens Compact and Sno-Tek although there are 9-series in total that the company makes.

No matter what size your driveway is; whether you need a snow blower for home or professional purposes- Ariens will certainly get you sorted with the exact package that fulfils your needs.

Here, we’ll take a review of their four best models and what each of them encompass to make the process easier for you.

Ariens Snow Blower Reviews (2020)

1. Ariens 921024 Deluxe Gas Snow Blower

The Ariens 921024 Deluxe is actually one of the most favorite snow blowers among people who live in terrible snowfall conditions. The product is heavy-duty in quality encompassing an all steel material to last for many years.

What stands out is its ability to remove snow up to a width of 24-inches to as deep as 14-inches. Its 254cc electric engine is also strong and starts automatically in extreme cold climates where most snow blowers will have issues in starting.

Its gas tank is quite large to last you for at least two hours of continuous operation. Plus, it is a 4-duty cycle engine hence the longer operation with a max forward speed of six and a reverse speed of two.

The strong engine makes the machine to propel and discharge snow fast and more efficiently. It is self-propelled with directional tires to keep the machine firmly in contact with ground on the slippery terrain.

The two-stage powered machine includes an auto-turn steering to make operation effortless and smooth. You’ll also love its remote-controlled chute that discharge snow away from driveway in any direction you want. There’s even a headlight to help you work safely at night.


  • All-steel construction
  • Plenty of power
  • Cutting with is 4-inches


  • Price is high

2. Ariens Gas Fuel Snow Blower

This one also cuts a wider path of 24-inches which makes it utter efficient for wide driveways and pathways. Its 223cc torque engine produces plenty of power to remove snow up to a depth of 20-inches.

The machine is great and clears the driveway more than 5-times faster than using a shovel. It is easy to maneuver and does not lose ground contact thanks to the 5-inch wide wheels that maintains an excellent traction.

You’ll love the strong steel chute that rotates at 200-degrees, sending snow some distance away from the walkway. Plus, you can set the chute to discharge snow to any direction you want and at regulated speed. This is made possible by the adjustable forward speed of 6 and the reverse speed of 2.

Its starts easily on a first pull but in case it doesn’t on colder climate, there’s an electric switch button that works effortlessly in extreme winter conditions where pulling the cord is not efficient. Controlling the machine is straight-forward even to beginner users.

Its gas fuel capacity is large with a capacity of 2.8 qt which means the machine can run for longer periods without the need of resting. The entire product is well built with a tough cast iron box. Plus, putting the pieces together like the scrapper blade and steel shoes is a lot simple.


  • Strong engine produces plenty of power
  • Non-skid steel shoes
  • Wide clearing with of 24-inches


  • Pricey

3. Ariens Professional Snow Blower

The Ariens Professional houses a 420cc engine which makes it one of the most powerful engines by Ariens. Because of the plenty power, this machine is suitable for commercial snow blowing business.

If you have a wide driveway, this machine is great as it can clear a path which is as wide 28-inches and going as deep as 23.5-inches. It works fast, removing tons on snow in shortest time.

Powered the Briggs & Stratton engine with is popularly reliable, this machine is made with an electric starter which makes starting the machine in heavy snowfalls a snap. Even with pull start, this machine starts easily if the climate is friendly.

The directional wheels are between 4 and 8-inches wide for maximum traction on a hilly terrain and deep snow grounds. Plus, you can vary the speed to high if the snow is shallow or low if the snow is deep.

You’ll like the multi-directional chute that rotates at any direction and speed by adjusting both the speed and direction from the drivers control panel. Controlling the chute discharge speed is easy by adjusting the forward speed.

With 2-fuel gas capacity tanks of 5.9 qt, this machine becomes even better for big and heavy jobs such as clearing though compacted snow that may take a longer duration to exhaust.  


  • Powerful 420c engine
  • Clearing width is wide
  • Large tank gas capacity


  • The snow-blower is highly priced

4. Ariens Path-Pro Single-Stage Snow Blower

For smaller driveways, the Ariens Path-Pro is a perfect choice since the machine is made with shorter 21-inch of clearing width.

However, despite its small cut width, the machine houses a powerful 208cc engine that clears up to a depth of 12-inches of wet and heavy snow without a problem.

The gas tank capacity may not be as large as the professional model; however, its 2.9 qt is adequate to remove significant mass of snow without taking a break.

One amazing thing about the single-stage snow blower is its in-built electric starter that makes it efficient for heavy winter climates. Starting is simple and maneuvering the machine is straight-forward.

You’ll like the chute that throws snow anywhere away from driveways while rotating at adjustable angles. Regulating the throwing speed is simple by varying the forward speed.

The wheels are slightly thinner when compared to professional models, but they maneuver pretty well on all terrains since the power is plenty. The whole product weighs light when compared to other models.


  • Strong 208cc engine
  • Great gas tank capacity
  • Electric starter is fast


  • Suitable for small driveways

How to choose the best Ariens snow blower

Strong Engine

The size of the engine will depend on purpose such as if you want a snow blower for home driveway or for commercial purposes. For home purposes, a snow blower powered by a small engine like 208cc will suffice, while a strong engine from as low as 223cc will be enough for professional duties.

The more powerful the engine is, the stronger it is to power up a hill and deep snow; as well as removing tons of snow in a moment’s notice.

For people in terrible winter conditions, the power of the engine should not be overlooked. The engine should include an electric starter that starts immediately even in overly winter environments with massive amounts of snowfall. It should also include a pull-cord as well for use in warm months.

Working Width

The different models by Ariens vary in width, so you’ll definitely find one that match your driveway. Working width varies from 20 to 36-inch.

Ariens Path-Pro Single-Stage Snow Blower has a cut width of 21-inches which is appropriate for small driveways. For medium and large driveways, Ariens 921024 Deluxe Gas Snow Blower and Ariens Professional Snow Blower stands out to be best choices.

Gas Tank Capacity

Gas tank capacity vary from model to model. For large driveways and professional tasks, a sufficiently large capacity tank is inevitable.

You want a tank capacity that runs for a long period to maximize on productivity. For light snow, a tank capacity of at least 2.9 qt will be sufficient. However, for big jobs, you’ll require a large tank capacity of at least 5.0 qt of gas capacity.

Is Ariens a Great Snow Blower?

Sure, it is. In fact, it is one of the brands you’ll hear people talk about when they’re discussing issues to do with snow and how to remove it.

People love Ariens snow blowers because they’re powerful. These models include an electric starter which is requisite in tremendous cold conditions.

The power of their motors in pure class. The plenty power makes their machine to maneuver with ease on hilly grounds, flat terrains as well as deep snow grounds. Emitting snow away from driveways is also a snap.

Wrap Up

Ariens has a long history of producing snow blowers than other reputable companies. Over the years, the company has strived to improve on their product quality which is why their snow blowers have become populated in countries where snowfall is likely.

There are 9-models both single and second-stage constructed by the company. For you to choose the best model, you have to consider factors such as terrain if its hilly or flat; the power of the mower; size of the driveway; amount of snow to be cleared and much more.  

If your place is frequently affected by snowfall, then you may have to invest in a snow blower. I hope these versions by Ariens will make snow blowing a lot simple and fast and make your life enjoyable even in winter months.

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